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8-yr-old on No-Fly-List denied passage

Hell-oooooo! He's only 8 years old! There's only so much he can do to terrorize passengers.

An 8-year-old boy expecting to catch a plane home is denied entry for appearing on a terrorist no-fly list, reported

Bryan Moore was set to catch his first plane trip when he arrived at an airport in Cortez, Colorado to fly home after visiting his sister, said the report.

"They almost got me scheduled in and then the lady just bowed her head and said, 'We can't get you on this plane, you're a terrorist,'" Moore said.

The soon-to-be third grader was red flagged as a threat to national security because his name popped up on the national watch list.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, no children are on the terrorist watch list. The TSA said if a child's name matches up, it's up the airline to make the necessary changes and let them board the plane.

"It's not really fair that I couldn't get home because another man in the world was a terrorist," Moore said.

It's not that that other man IS a terrorist - it's that some government bureaucrat SAYS that he is.

Great Lake Airlines eventually cleared up the situation, but the plane had already left, making him wait another day to come home.

This is a perfect example of a wrong that simply can't be remedied through the tort system. Suing the state or the airline is simply not enough.

Americans need fundamental change in our legal system - we've turned into a police state.

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