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100% Proof Google is Keeping Conspiracy Sites Down

100% Proof Google is Keeping Conspiracy Sites Down
"Link Relevance" Suppressed on Alternative Media


As if it were not bad enough that we are censored by the main stream media, now there's a new type of suppression being implemented upon conspiracy related websites and alternative media sources.

It's called Link Relevance Suppression, and it's being used on most of the alternative media websites to lower traffic being driven to them by the popular search engine Google.

It's also being used in the opposite way to "Promote" Neo-Con supporting websites by giving them double the "Link Relevance"

Let me explain how Google indexes sites that go into the search cue when someone types in certain keywords relating that site.

Google has many different criteria when it decides how close to the top a website gets, but the main and most important one is Link Relevance. It simply means in laymen's terms;

The more sites that link to your site, the higher you go on the list.

There is a simple way to check on Google how many other websites are linking to your website. You go to Google and type in the word link: before the web address, for example;

Now here is where the proof is that Google has implemented some kind of script that is giving all the alternative media sites less that 1/4th of the Link Relevance that they deserve.

If you go to Google and simply type in you will find the REAL number of sites that have a link back to your website. This does not mean that the sites are being added to the Link Relevance, it only shows that they have the link on their website.

Want proof? Let's do some searches of various alternative media related websites and see what we get.

Click the links to see results;

Now notice that the "Link Search" brings up 2,960 pages that are linked back to, but when you look at the actual numbers of sites with links to the real number is 207,000.

How about;

You get 2,530 "Link Relevance", but the real number is 331,000.

You get 2,840 "Link Relevance", but the real number is 111,000.

You get 0 "Link Relevance", but the real number is 56.

They are even doing it to popular alternative media sites like

You get 47,000 "Link Relevance", but the real number is 851,000.

Now, let's turn the tables and do a link search on a popular Neo-Con supporting website called, run by the Fox News Shill Michelle Malkin.

You get 11,400 "Link Relevance", and the real number is 526.

How about doing a search on Michelle Malkin's personal site.

You get 38,200 "Link Relevance", and the real number is 15,900.

Notice how the numbers are flipped?

This should have ANY webmaster up in arms. Blatant censorship being implemented to keep the alternative media down and promote the Neo-Con Draconian agendas.

Did Google not think that somebody would figure this out eventually?

Did they not think that this very noticeable censorship would go unchecked forever?

I urge ALL Webmasters, Alternative Media Users, and anybody who cares about how sites are indexed on Google to contact them en mass and state your dissatisfaction about suppressing "Link Relevance".

If Google gave sites like and the "Link Relevance" that they deserve, these alternative media sites would be in direct competition with Main Stream Media sites that so dominate the Internet as we know it today.

Nothing like beating the competition by eliminating them, right Google?


on censorship.

But anyone who's lived there, and lived in "western" countries know it is the other way around --- "Jewish" controlled countries do the MOST CENSORING.

Notice how they talk about "North Korea printing US money" ---- AH, NO, THAT WOULD BE THE FEDERAL RESERVE DOING THAT -- hence no longer disclosing M3.



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Stupid little Khazars!

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Well guess what?!

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Australia's porn-blocking plan unveiled
Program includes filtering software for home PCs, as well as an ISP-level plan being tested in Tasmania.

By Jo Best
Special to CNET
Published: August 13, 2007, 9:54 AM PDT

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Australia's porn-blocking plan unveiled

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has announced a plan by the country's Coalition political parties to clean up Internet porn, in an effort to woo Christian voters.

Protecting Australian Families Online program, which will cost $160 million, is under the auspices of NetAlert, Australia’s Internet safety advisory body. The program will kick in August 20 and include a package of measures that the government says will help parents protect their children from online dangers.

Howard announced the slew of changes last week in a joint Webcast with opposition leader Kevin Rudd, broadcast to 770 churches and watched by an estimated 100,000 Christians.

The lion's share of the cash--$71.8 million--will go into a filtering program offered to individual homes and public libraries. Parents will be able to choose either to install filtering software on their home PCs or to request a "clean" connection from their service provider, which will be responsible for blocking pornographic content at the ISP level.

The government will post a list of approved filtering software providers on its Web site and mandate that all sanctioned vendors update their products as the threat landscape changes.

While individual filters will be available beginning later this month, ISP-level blocking may take some time to implement. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is currently planning a trial of ISP-level filtering in Tasmania that will inform the government's decision on a national launch.

The federal government has already examined the potential ISP-level filtering three times, starting in 1999.

Following the most recent trial, Coonan acknowledged problems with the concept saying: "Each report has found significant problems with content filter products operating at the ISP-level...The Australian trials have also found the effect on performance of the Internet by ISP filtering to be substantial and a lack of scalability of the filters to larger ISPs."
Now on
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NetAlert's Protecting Australian Families Online program will also see publicity campaigns stepped up, including an $18.6 million awareness scheme to "inform parents and (caretakers) of children about online safety issues and provide information about where they can go to receive support and assistance", and 10 new ACMA Internet safety officers who will visit schools to talk about online dangers.

More "Web police" will be added to the Online Child Sex Exploitation Team, which will receive a $36.8 million cash injection to pay 36 new hires in 2007-08, rising to a total of 90 in 2009-10. The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions will also receive a funding boost to cope with the expected increase in prosecutions resulting from the additional Web police.

Other changes include an extension of the ACMA Blacklist, which includes pornography denied classification by regulators, to cover malicious software and terror sites.

The plan comes in addition to a previously announced government initiatives to curb online pornography. Communications Minister Helen Coonan first unveiled the plan to launch content filters last year, although the program has been beset with delays since then.

Coonan welcomed last week's announcement, saying in a statement: "Unfortunately, no single measure alone can protect children from online harm and, in fact, traditional parenting skills have never been more important."

Took me awhile to get my little site back up, third time down in a little over 3 years. I won't bore you with details.

Keep up the good fight!

America has become a REPUBLIC of Companies, obviously the power of a single corporation (via lobbying) is far more persuasive then the meager vote you or I may take at the polls (let alone the collective power of these corporations!!). America no longer has a government for the people, but for corporations and the rich alone. Lobbying is one of the most ostensible crimes against the people of the United States. Lobbying should be totally illegal and all those who practice this art, as well as the recipients of its "spins" and monetary rewards, should be jailed and/or ran out of this country.
Also, those with dual citizenship (American and otherwise), should be barred from government positions as well as being restricted from influencing those in these positions, thereby allowing for the government to remain a machination for the people of America.


"I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it" Voltaire

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