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"Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself" - A Vulture Sweeps Over America


"It is known to a very few how great is the indebtedness of the United States to Mr. Warburg. For it may be said without fear of contradiction that in its fundamental features the Federal Reserve Act is the work of Mr. Warburg more than any other man in the country. The existence of a Federal Reserve Board creates, in everything but in name, a real central bank.

In the two fundamentals of command of reserves and of a discount policy, the Federal Reserve Act has frankly accepted the principle of the Aldrich Bill, and these principles, as has been stated, were the creation of Mr. Warburg and Mr. Warburg alone.

It must not be forgotten that Mr. Warburg had a practical object in view.

In formulating his plans and in advancing in them slightly varying suggestions from time to time, it was incumbent on him to remember that the education of the country must be gradual and that a large part of the task was to break down prejudices and remove suspicion. His plans therefore contained all sorts of elaborate suggestions designed to guard the public against fancied dangers and to persuade the country that the general scheme was at all practicable. It was the hope of Mr. Warburg that with the lapse of time it might be possible to eliminate from the law a few clauses which were inserted largely at his suggestion for educational purposes."

Is there a difference in the rapes committed by these two?

No difference

Now that the public debt of the United States has passed a trillion dollars, we may indeed admit "how great is the indebtedness of the United States to Mr. Warburg."

At the time he wrote the Federal Reserve Act, the public debt was almost nonexistent.

Professor Seligman points out Warburg’s remarkable prescience that the real task of the members of the Jekyll Island conference was to prepare a banking plan which would gradually "educate the country" and "break down prejudices and remove suspicion". The campaign to enact the plan into law succeeded in doing just that.


There has been much speculation about who owns the Federal Reserve Corporation.

It has been one of the best kept secrets of the century, because the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 provided that the names of the owner banks be kept secret.

However, R. E. McMaster publisher of the newsletter The Reaper, asked his Swiss banking contacts which banks hold the controlling stock in the Federal Reserve Corporation. The answer:

    1. Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
    2. Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
    3. Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy
    4. Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam
    5. Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
    6. Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
    7. Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
    8. Goldman Sachs Bank of New York.


    I greatly enjoy your posts and comments. Lots of hot passion, tempered by cold logic.

    Yes, the Fed is not a bank, but a gangster cartel of member banks that exist in concentric circles of power. At the center are the banks you listed. Farther out are big entities like Citicorp, Bank of America, and so on. All “national banks” in the USA are required by law to submit to a cartel that rules the planet. The cartel’s power depends on endless increases of debt and slavery. It will liquidate any person, or any nation, that questions its evil. Meanwhile the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Scott v. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (2005) that the Fed’s Board of Governors, appointed by the U.S. President, is separate from the gangster cartel. Hence the seven-member Board of Governors is window dressing, designed to sustain illusions. The current chairman, Ben Barnake, takes his orders from insiders, who are connected with the banks you listed.

    Each member bank in the USA owns stock in its regional Federal Reserve group, but has very little say in how the cartel is run. The member banks’ job is to follow orders, collect their profits, and shut up.

    The Monetary Control Act of 1980 allowed the gangsters to control ALL depository institutions in the USA, whether or not an institution is a member of the Fed. The Act also gave the gangsters the power to use the debt of foreign nations as collateral for the printing of Federal Reserve notes. Hence American taxpayers are saddled with foreign debts.

    The American cartel owns much of the U.S. national debt. The rest is owned by foreign members of the cartel. We are their slaves. We must borrow our own money from them.

    QRS and I feel there is nothing inherently wrong with central banks, or even with fiat currency. However, private, secret control (plus lending at interest) are insane.

    Bankers create money out of thin air, lend it at no risk, and assume moral superiority over debtors. Gentiles that cannot make payments live in shame. They are “defaulters.” (This of course is Satan’s primary weapon – to make you hate yourself.)

    You suggested there is no difference between (1) central bankers and (2) people like Ariel Sharon. I think there is a mathematical difference. Sharon butchered countless people, but in terms of raw statistics, bankers are the worst mass murderers of all. Tens of millions of people died in World War I, for example.

    Yes, Paul Warburg, the Rothschild agent, was the architect of the Federal Reserve cartel, and led the ten-day meeting at Jekyll Island (1910). Jewish Senator Nelson Aldrich was the Rothschild agent that pushed for a private bank in Congress.

    This web site -- -- includes a quote from the autobiography of Frank A. Vanderlip, who was one of the seven monsters at Jekyll Island, Georgia…

    “I was as secretive and furtive as any conspirator. We knew that discovery simply must not happen, or else all our time and effort would have been wasted. If it were to be exposed that our particular group had got together and written a banking bill, that bill would have no chance whatever of passage by Congress…I do not feel it is any exaggeration to speak of our secret expedition to Jekyll Island as the occasion of the actual conception of what eventually became the Federal Reserve System.”


    One web site says this…

    “Kennedy planned to end the Federal Reserve System, and thus eliminate the national debt, as had Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln before him. In 1963, by presidential order of John F. Kennedy (EO 11 and EO 110), the United States Treasury began printing over $4 billion worth of 'United States Notes' to replace Federal Reserve Notes. When a sufficient supply of these notes entered circulation, the Federal Reserve Notes--and the System--could be declared obsolete. This would end the control of the international bankers over the U.S. government and the American people. Some of these bills can still be found. They carry a distinctive red seal on the front, instead of the green seal of Federal Reserve Notes. Above the portrait are the words 'United States Note.' Printed were $2 and $5 notes, series 1963. C. Douglas Dillon's signature appears as Secretary of Treasury. The reverse side of these bills was identical to the Federal Reserve Notes.”


    If that is true, then it is easy to see why Kennedy was liquidated. That, and the fact that he opposed israel having nuclear weapons, and his brother Bobby was closing in on the Meyer Linsky gang of Jewish thugs (which carried out the actual assassination).

    Likewise the bankers hired Richard Lawrence from England to assassinate Andrew Jackson (30 Jan 1835) but both of Lawrence’s pistols misfired. Then Jewish lawyers got Lawrence acquitted on the grounds that Lawrence was “mentally ill.” The jury deliberated for only five minutes (April 11, 1835).

    Unfortunately when Jackson destroyed the Rothschilds’ Second National Bank, he did not replace it with a central public bank. The resulting chaos allowed the Jews to come back again and again until their final triumph in 1913.

    Lincoln tried to institute a central bank with his National Banking Act (1863) but he was so desperate to raise money for the Civil War that he ultimately bowed to the Rotchschilds. After the war, he tried to put control of banking back into the hands of government. Therefore the bankers hired John Wilkes Booth from Montreal to eliminate Lincoln. Still, the Jews were silenced until they created bank "panics" in 1873, 1893, and 1907. The bank panic of 1907 allowed Jewish Senator Nelson Aldrich to start pushing for a private cartel of gangsters. At that time, most Americans feared a central bank controlled by the ultra-wealthy. Therefore Paul Warburg was sent out to convince the peasants to accept slavery. Warburg set up propaganda offices in all U.S. states, and distributed printed materials that praised the cartel. Success was finally had though the idiot Woodrow Wilson, who vies with Bush as the worst President in U.S. history. Many Congressmen revolted; being terrified by the thought of private banks under government protecton. Therefore Wilson threatened to bring anti-trust suits against any rich person that opposed the gangster cartel. The day the Fed was passed, Minnesota Senator Chrls Lindbergh Sr. called it the “worst legislative crime of the ages. This is the strangest, most dangerous advantage ever placed in the hands of a special privilege class by any Government that ever existed.”

    Naturally Wilson apponted Paul Warburg as the first head of the new gangster cartel.

    The cartel is ultra-secret. It is the ultimate source of zionist power. It has caused the suffering of Palestinians and countles others. It is the essence of zionist lack of compassion. It is the “dark side of the force.” It is Satan manifested on earth.


    The good news is that this subject is gradually being discussed more and more on the Internet. Will people wake up in time to avert global disaster? No, probably not. However, if we get in trouble with our finances, let us never feel guilty because we are unable to pay.

    It is the gangsters that cause any default, not us.

    The shame is theirs, not ours.

    Thanks for reading.

    Bankers create money out of thin air, lend it at no risk, and assume moral superiority over debtors. Gentiles that cannot make payments live in shame. They are “defaulters.” (This of course is Satan’s primary weapon – to make you hate yourself.)

    Impressive logic. I love your dictation and reasoning power Thx!!!!

    You are a stalwart individual for truth!

    "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it"...Voltaire


    "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it" Voltaire

    "Hey you, Whitehouse. Ha ha,.. charade you are" Pigs/Animals/Pink Floyd

    yah, peacetroll.. i was gonna quote the same line, before i passed out :P

    This of course is Satan’s primary weapon – to make you hate yourself.

    verité par excellence, thx.. and thank you rhiannon, for the illboard top 'ate jusic chart, lemme guess.. they're all from the same tribe (sic).

    ashes to ashes, khazers to dust.

    Grim Reaper has them all on his list and their final destination is hellfire...however crimes against humanity of these satanic bankers is tenfold of crimes committed by one little beast called Ariel Sharon...God did say that oppression is worse than killing(Qur'an) and when you see how much misery these devils have inflicted on mankind by their usurious evil practice then death by sword or a bullet looks like easy way out...

    "Let there be Light!"

    "Let there be Light!"

    Dear all,

    Please examine my link at the node below, people here are quoting sites that PROMOTE "zionist bridge building" for those persons with little experience of Israel.

    Sincere apologies all round are now due for bring this disinfo nonsense into the WUFYS arena.


    After Sullivan's mention of December 23, 1913 I researched and went on to find many websites that support his claim about the events leading up to this day.

    I found so much more and you posted a bit of it.

    About Kennedy, Lincoln, Jackson, Wilson and so on.

    Thanks for your excellent reply.

    And a compliment from you is most reassuring and I immensely appreciate it!


    thx1138 - "QRS and I feel there is nothing inherently wrong with central banks, or even with fiat currency. However, private, secret control (plus lending at interest) are insane. "

    Yes I agree with you both here. There's no dispute of what you say.

    thx1138 - "You suggested there is no difference between (1) central bankers and (2) people like Ariel Sharon. I think there is a mathematical difference. Sharon butchered countless people, but in terms of raw statistics, bankers are the worst mass murderers of all. Tens of millions of people died in World War I, for example."

    I agree with you here, too. What I was trying to say is the reasons for the vast and collective rape comitted by warburg and sharon are the same and the viciousness of the vast and collective rape committed by warburg and sharon is the same. I agree with what you say about about the numbers, totally!

    Somewhere another poster mentioned that stealing from people was just as bad as murder as murder can be the result of committing fraud and/or stealing from people. This is very true.

    So by your estimation, most certainly, Paul Warburg and his tribe are much worse rapists [very successful rapists] after all. The murders they brought upon the world are stunning compared to sharon.

    But their hatred of all things good and decent and their vile contempt for others not like them are the same. There the equation is equal.

    That is really what I meant.

    Also, would sharon's vast secretive crimes have even happened without the monsters paul warburg, the rothschilds, and so many others doing the deeds they did...?

    I don't think so.


    Yes of course you did 'more' research Rhiannon.

    And you found plenty of sites to support the theory of the Federal Reserve Act being passed behind the backs of Congress and the Senate, with all those hundreds of politicians completely in the dark about the vote going on at all.

    And I bet they were all websites like:

    where you can book a holiday to Israel, a cheap holiday... in other peoples misery.

    * * *

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    And then we can be pretend to be friends and supporters of the Muslims who have almost singlehandedly opposed zionism for over 50 years, with a few notable exceptions.

    Oh yes, you are a real anti-zionist asset Rhiannon.


    Noted the same comment from the other blog. Throwing it here now.

    Not getting enough attention?

    Another childish rant.


    Well said. Yes, I agree with you totally. Bankers seek power, profit, and control, but Sharon sought direct extermination of Arabs (or anyone else who questioned him).

    Hopefully Sharon will be unplugged soon, so he can join his father in hell. At least he won't be alone.

    plugged or unplugged. The souls of Sabra and Shatilla, of Qibya, Braij, Rafah, Jabaliya, of Jenin, and so many more....

    They are waiting for him to experience their pain... the pain and agony this monster sharon created for them on earth. The memories of the living are not exempt as they are connected to the dead. Sharon will feel their pain also. It's a ripple effect for certain. A living mother who lost her child or a living child who lost a mother. You understand. But there are so many connections.

    I just wish I could witness just an ounce of the pain he will experience when they do unplug the filthy swine.


    ..sharon is already dead, and just waiting in line for hell.

    ..i think you are sincere, Rhiannon; which is much more than you thought about me when i didn't know something as trivial as where Cat Stevens was born..

    ..we must refrain from being neurotic, irrational and especially from pointing the finger every time we get the chance..

    ..there isn't room for too many Daryl Smiths, because there are other things that must be done.

    No thanks.

    I have never been neurotic on any of my posts - but if I am rubbing some people the wrong way at WUFYS, well, I can't help that. I can't please everyone I guess. I am what I am. My posts are me. I am not playing games, although my real name is not Rhiannon, but that is par for the course when blogging.

    If I am wrong I will own up and apologize.

    As for Cat Stevens...I don't know how old you are, but Cat Stevens was never born or raised in the Middle East. I guess that is just common knowledge for those interested in such music of that era.

    Since this is an Anti-zionist Site, I would think that most people posting here would know about Cat Stevens, and his history. Especially on such a site as this - where knowledge of such people like Cat Stevens would be common.. Forgive me then for pouncing on you for not knowing enough about Cat Stevens as I thought you should.

    As for the video that you spoke of but you didn't place a link to in your post for me to see [I took the trouble to find the video myself]....I must say that it is a bit foolish to assume that Cat Stevens is Iranian because the video shows the beautiful scenery of Iran while his song is playing.

    What really bugged me about you was that you took another posters name. Call it a weird, strange accident on your part. So I had my doubts about you.

    Anyways,I was over this a long time ago. Now you bring it up. Guess your still chafing.

    So you are putting me in the same boat as the Daryl Smith nonsense? And you are calling me a mere finger pointer?


    Let me make it as clear as I can:

    I was disgusted with MP's shenanigans about the Muslim faith. She was wrong. She was wrong to come on here and say the things about Islam, Christianity, and Jews the way she did. Blatantly, dismally WRONG.

    Islam is only superior to the Muslims who embrace Islam. So it goes for other faiths. And that is fine! In the end we will know the truth, but on earth, we can debate this until the planets are ashes - what good does this do?? Why beat each other up?
    Why talk down to others with such high and mighty superiority? This is far from the way Islam would have people treat each other. This would go for Christianity too.

    That's just one of the dumb things she has said.

    Rafeek is splitting hairs over the words DECEPTION - SECRECY - MURDER - KIDNAPPING - INTIMIDATION. This is PURE foolishness! Based on what has been happening in our world since the advent of zionism, history-wise, current-wise, I think it's quite ridiculous to say that the Federal Reserve was not founded on SECRECY and DECEPTION. Those two words are the very ones rooted deep in the foundation of this evil/sickness called zionism.

    I take offense to this deviation by rafeek from the TRUTH about the Federal Reserve Act and its diabolical creation.

    I take grave offense to the subject-changing childish rant that rafeek stooped to by accusing me of arguing with him because he was a Muslim.

    Comb my posts anywhere in my dialogue with him and see if this is so.

    I take offense that he demands that his sources of Wikepedia, The Huntington Post and the New York Times are relevant on the HISTORY OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT!

    If you and others want to place me into the ridiculous boxes of the daryl smith soap opera and impulsive zionist shill accusations ... I am quite bemused to say the least.

    My only intention is to have my say about items I consider near and dear to my heart.

    After all this is a blog with bloggers having their say - not a strict religious dormitory where a prefect is waiting to tape someone's mouth shut because a few words weren't to their liking.

    I never once requested that anyone be banned for saying things that were horribly wrong - from my perspective, anyway.

    Rhiannon, not neurotic hey?

    What a huge waste of time it is to respond to you. Sorry. I won't do it again.

    Forget it.


    ..hey, i didn't make you go off about Cat Stevens..

    ..good to hear you've calmed down :)

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