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Destruction and Desecration of Christian Holy Places in Occupied Palestine and Israel

It is a great irony that those Christian leaders who have created a false idol out of the State of Israel are themselves, as purported Christians, condemned by the Zionists as idolators!

Examples of the idolatrous support of the Zionist per- 1 secutors of Christianity by leading American fundamentalist pastors follow:

Jerry Falwell says: "Right at the very top of our priorities must be an unswerving commitment and devotion to the State of Israel."

Pat Robertson says: "The future of this Nation (America) may be at stake, because God will bless those that bless Israel."

And Jimmy Swaggart, before being deposed for becoming involved with a prostitute in a notorious sex scandal, said: "God will bless those that bless Israel, and God will curse those that curse Israel."(2)

During the 1948 war, Zionists destroyed, desecrated and profaned Christian churches, convents and institutions throughout the occupied area of Palestine. These acts, together with the campaign against Christian missionaries, continue until today. Now that the Zionists occupied Jerusalem in the 1967 war, the last stage of their plan will be carried out when they are assured of their complete domination of the Holy City. Hundreds of Christian families were expelled from Jerusalem. In spite of the fact that the Zionist propagandists constantly proclaim their good intention towards Christian and Muslim holy places in Jerusalem, nothing will deter the Zionists from carrying out their fanatical program of ultimately eradicating Christianity from the Holy Land.


Following the establishment of Israel, the Israeli authorities continued their destruction and desecration of Christian holy places.

1. Israeli forces seized several Christian convents and churches on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. They looted the ornaments and church golden and silver objects and transformed those convents and churches into military posts for Jewish armed forces. An eyewitness who recently reported about the Church of St. Saviour on Mt. Zion stated the following:

The interior of the Church of St. Saviour is a scene of total devastation. The carved and gilded altar has been wrecked, and an altar painting lies destroyed on the upper floor. The oil paintings that decorated the upper part of the north and south walls have been torn out of their frames leaving only tattered shreds of canvas. Many of the Kutahya tiles, brought especially from Turkey by Armenian pilgrims in the early eighteenthcentury have been ripped from the walls; those that have not been stolen lie smashed on the ground, along with a tangled mass of broken church furniture. The valuable collection of old church vestments has completely disappeared.(13)

2. Israeli forces desecrated and vandalized the Armenian and the Greek Orthodox cemeteries on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. Fourteen tombs of Christian patriarchs were smashed open and their contents desecrated. Two were demolished and excavated to a depth of 6 feet. All marble stones were broken.

In the Greek Orthodox cemetery on Mt. Zion, practically every tomb in the cemetery was smashed. Many graves were dynamited or smashed open. Fragments of marble crosses, angels' wings and inscriptions lie inextricably mixed with human skeletons and skulls, blackened tree stumps, and the remains of rockets and shells.

The Catholic cemetery on Mt. Zion received the same treatment from the Zionists. The Very Reverend Father Andres, Procurator-General in the Holy Land since 1962, published an article in the Catholic Journal, La Terra Sainte, March, 1968 in which he described the shocking acts of vandalism and desecration of the Catholic Cemetery. He published several photos showing the evil deeds of profanation. Father Andres states:
"The Jews actually dragged the corpses out of the tombs and scattered the coffins and remains of the dead all around the cemetery."


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Isn't it amazing how these holy Christian places were respected for centuries during Islamic rule. But now Islam is painted as the enemy of Christianity by the zionist media.

The zionist's worst fear is that Christians and Islam will unite against the real enemy of mankind.

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