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Now - ALL 6 DEAD - Minot AFB Nuke Oddities

When "CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY UNCOVERED IN NUCLEAR MISTAKE"! story came out I suggested that the story in it current form was full of contradictions and disinformation. I sarcastically wrote a response to the original article in which I implied that incident may have been an attempted theft of nuclear weapons.
Note: Thanks to mparent7777 Marc Parent for finding the story!

Here is my comment:

Former Head of German Intell

Andreas von Bulow is quoted as saying:
"95% of the work of the intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation"

Imagine if the statement were true then what would reality look like? Another way to look at the story "CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY UNCOVERED IN NUCLEAR MISTAKE!" is if the nuclear warheads were lost or misplaced then the US Military HAS TO ASSUME THAT THEY WERE STOLE! Think about it! They have no choice since the weapons are unaccounted for. Now the story begins to look a little different. The stolen warheads were quickly recovered and an immediate investigation was launched. The investigator were instructed to keep this serious breech of national security internal. However, some naive and well intentioned officers broke rank and leaked the entire story to major news sources. Zionist and Military news centers were instructed not to run the story until Military Intelligence had scrubbed them of sensitive information. Furthermore, the media was told to sit on the story until an official cover story was crafted and made available for public consumption. In accordance to the New war time Military code and conduct guide the offending parties have tried and convicted in a secret military tribunal. They have all been sentenced to death by firing squad. The offending generals and their conspirators are currently being held at an unknown location. The military personnel which first made the story public has been demoted and sent to the front lines in Iraq.
I can't imagine that the US Military would allow a story like that to run. This would be like showing the enemy your weak spots. Just on the basis of national security the story would not be run. So what could be the rationale behind this recent disclosure? I wonder?
LatinAmericanview | Wed, 2007-09-12 00:26

I wrote that the naive patriots would be shipped to the Iraq for leaking the information and implied they would eventually meet an untimely death.
quote: LAv
The military personnel which first made the story public has been demoted and sent to the front lines in Iraq.

I was wrong. They did not have to travel that far.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Now - ALL 6 DEAD - Minot AFB Nuke Oddities

Sept 18, 2007

Minot AFB Clandestine Nukes 'Oddities'

-By Lori Price

The following section was compiled by 'The Pundit.'

Since the Minot story broke a week ago about the missing nukeclandestine operation from Minot, we have the following (for those who are paying attention):

1. All six people listed below are from Minot Airforce base
2. All were directly involved as loaders or as pilots
3. All are now dead
4. All within the last 7 days in 'accidents'
[Not all of them --LRP]

Silly me, seeing more than there is to this story. I guess this is just another coincidence.
But no doubt now that there will be more coincidences in the near future because as I have stated before, you need about fourteen signatures to get an armed nuke onto a B-52, and they may have told their wives and friends.

"The Pundit"
Minot Base Officials Say Airman Dies While On Leave

12 Sep 2007 The Minot Air Force Base said an airman has died while on leave in Virginia. Airman First Class Todd Blue, who was 20 years old, died Monday while visiting with family members.

The statement did not say how he died.

The base said Blue was a response force member assigned to the 5th Security Forces Squadron. [The primary mission of the 5th Security Forces Squadron is to 'provide 24-hour
law enforcement and security services for the 5th Bomb Wing
and all tenant units assigned to Minot AFB.'

"Guardians of the Upper Realm"
The host wing on Minot Air Force Base, the 5th Bomb Wing
operates the B-52H Stratofortress aircraft to provide global strike
and combat-support capabilities to geographic commanders.

B-52 Stratofortress - Mission
Air Combat Command's B-52 is a long-range, heavy bomber that can perform a variety of missions... It can carry nuclear or precision guided conventional ordnance
with worldwide precision navigation capability.]

AF Secretary Visits MAFB
14 Sep 2007 The top civilian in the Air Force spent the afternoon at Minot Air Force Base today. Michael Wynne, the Secretary of the Air Force, arrived at the base about 1 PM to get a personal look at how nuclear weapons are stored, protected, and handled. His visit comes two weeks after a B-52 bomber loaded with 6 Nuclear Warheads was flown from Minot ND. to Barksdale Air Force Base. LA.



Dead goyim tell no tales

One of the intersting observations that I have made is the readiness of many truth seekers to blame the international bankers, the Jews and the Zionists. Most of the bloggers here rarely consider that the military class has it own interests. Granted some bloggers have suggested that the military is under Zionist control and provide as evidence the attack on the US Liberty an the subsequent silence on this issue as proof. However, I suspect that there are many dissident voices in the military which comprise a faction of the power elite. History shows that no power has been absolute. I think what we are observing is a scrimmage between different groups at the top. This no minor squabble since we have been lead to believe that it involves nuclear weapons. We lack information but we can infer that it is serious since officers are dying.

unless both of the married couple killed on the motorcycle were involved with the nukes.

The posted sites above show:
1) Mysterious death of Todd Blue in VA;
2) The motorcycle accident that killed a Minot AFB couple in LA.
3) a repeat of the Todd Blue story, (but I think he only died the first time, despite what Ian Flemming says)
4) This involves Adam Barrs, a Minot Air Force guy, but he was killed in Tennessee on July 5. The nuclear incident was on August 30;
5) 1st Lt. Weston Kissel, 28, was a B-52 pilot assigned to the 23rd Bomb Wing, a Minot guy, but killed on July 20;
6) Capt. John Frueh's body found in Portland on 9/10.
"Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly."


"Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly."

this looks like a total dis-info job

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