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israel "in charge of security" for nuclear power and weapons in the US

We're f*cked.

Now, they don't even have to use their own nukes to set off a false flag - they can use one of ours!

American supporters of Israel were delighted to learn that an Israeli company, Magal Security Systems-owned in part by the government of Israel-is in charge of security for the most sensitive nuclear power and weapons storage facilities in the United States.

Unbelievable, there isn't a single way in which the United States is involved with these people wherein we're not getting screwed, yet they manage to get even further entrenched in the most sensitive of our national security interests.

The largest perimeter security company in the world, Magal started out as a division of Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI)-which was owned in part by the government of Israel. In recent years, however, Magal evolved into a publicly-traded company, although IAI (and thus the government of Israel) still holds a substantial share in the highly successful firm.

What all of this means is that the government of Israel will actually have control over the security of America's nuclear weapons.

Supporters of Israel say that this is a splendid idea, since Israel is said to be perhaps America's closest ally on the face of the planet. However, there are some critics who question the propriety of America's super-sensitive nuclear security being in the hands of any foreign nation, particularly Israel which, even today, officially denies that it is engaged in the production of nuclear arms.

Be that as it may, however, Magal's global interests are quite broad-ranging. Having secured 90 percent of Israel's borders through a wide-ranging array of super-modern "space age" technology, Magal has now branched out internationally.

Not only does Magal provide security for American nuclear facilities, but it also does likewise for most major nuclear facilities in Western Europe and Asia. In addition, the Israeli firm also provides security for Chicago's O'Hare Airport and, for the last fifteen years, has kept watch on the Queen of England's famed Buckingham Palace in London.

What's more, Magal provides security for 90% of the American prisons that utilize electronic systems. Magal brags that its other clients around the globe include: borders, airports, industrial sites, communication centers, military installations, correctional facilities, government agencies, VIP estates and residences, commercial buildings and storage yards.

Is there anything Magal DOESN'T "SECURE"???

There is hardly a major country or major enterprise that does not have Magal's security specialists keeping a close watch on their activities.

Clearly, Magal is no small enterprise. While 27% of its total sales are in the Israeli market, its largest market is in North America, which currently accounts for 35% of its sales.

However, Magal's American outreach is expected to increase substantially, especially now that firm has set up a Washington, D.C. office which will promote its products to federal agencies and to the members of Congress who provide funding for federally-supervised security projects across the country at all levels: local, state and national.

And with current U.S. Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, not only a strong supporter of Israel but also the son of a woman who has strong Israeli ties-even including service with El Al, the national airline of Israel-Magal, owned in party by Israeli Aircraft Industries-will be a clear-cut favorite in the eyes of the power brokers in official Washington who have the power to grant lucrative security contracts.

At the moment, Magal has four U.S.-based subsidiaries: two in California, Stellar Security Products, Inc. and Perimeter Products Inc., as well as the New York-based Smart Interactive Systems, Inc., and the Virginia-based Dominion Wireless, Inc.

All told, the Israeli company holds a 40% share in the worldwide market in perimeter intrusion detection systems and is working to expand its business in the protection of oil pipelines.

Magal is also said to be quite interested in guarding water lines around the globe, particularly in the United States.

Ghee - I wonder why?

In fact, Magal may have an inside shot at getting a monopoly in guarding America's water supplies.

On July 19, the Bush administration's Environmental Protection Agency announced a "partnership" with the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures to improve what they called "water supply system security in the United States and Israel." Since Magal is so highly respected in Israel, it's an even bet that Magal will soon be guarding the U.S. water supply.

By Michael Collins Piper
Correspondent for American Free Press and author of "The New Jerusalem:Zionist Power in America", "The High Priests of War," and "Final Judgment," which details the Mossad role in the JFK assassination conspiracy.

If this report is true, America will have become an extension of israel - thoroughly and completely at the mercy of zionist will.


Meanwhile, Boeing has enlisted the aid of Elbit Systems, Israel's major defense contractor, to construct high-tech surveillance along the border of the U.S. and Mexico.

(See )


In addition, israeli firms are probably involved in the RFID chips that will soon be installed in all driver’s licenses. And when we are all forced to take microchip implants (which I regard as inevitable) israeli firms will be involved in that too.

And it's all done with money from U.S. taxpayers.

Things have gotten so bad that I wonder if the USA is worth saving.

That Counterpunch article notes that israeli spy towers can't even see the Mexican border. They're oriented to monitor U.S. citizens.

When we start seeing apartheid walls being built in the USA, like we see in israel, we'll know who'll be the prime contractos.

Even Halliburton has largely left the USA. Bush personally bought a gigantic ranch down in Paraguay. I wonder where Cheney's going.

what is wrong with this capitalist America...I thought that communists were dumbest people on the face of the earth but now it seems that capitalists have proved to be beyond give nuclear securities to private company is more dangerous than having all ME armed with nukes. The only way to save US is to wage another war of independence on this zionazis. They will never give you your country back unless you dethrone them with patriotic war of independence. However I doubt that Americans of today have that kind of bravery to fight for what they believe to be right.

"Let there be Light!"

"Let there be Light!"

Watched Children of Men, Vendetta? If this western lethargy continues this is exactly how western societies will end up. Prepare for the global dictatorship but not from Arabs for Antichrist is in your own midst. Chips of the beast are halfway already mandatory in most western countries and how ironic all for the sake of safety from terrorism.

"Let there be Light!"

"Let there be Light!"

I read in one of the article on 'Whatreallyhappened' that all the planes hijacked on 911 had taken off from airports with Isreali companies in charge of security.
After this collosal screw up in national security shouldn't the authorities concerned with the USA's security have caught them and tried them-in other countries if the govt hadn't done that they would surely have been stormed or stoned by ordinary citizens instead they are rewarded with more contracts!!!

(Now I think there is no doubt that the establishment was behind 911)

Also in the same article I read that the same company was involved in security for London's subways and at madrid and some other sites I don't remember.

If Americans intend to take their country into their own hands they better do it before the Israelis take over their nuclear facilities or worse their drinking water.

It is no secret that the Israelis have secret biological labs, God knows what they'd put into the nations water to keep people docile. The zionists are less in number and they will resort to other tactics to control the millions who would rebel against them.

"The only way to save US is to wage another war of independence on this zionazis. They will never give you your country back unless you dethrone them with patriotic war of independence. However I doubt that Americans of today have that kind of bravery to fight for what they believe to be right".

If this is the conclusion there is only one honest thing to do: Lower the Stars and Stripes and hoist the Star of David!

If the American people is not prepared to fight and die for its freedom (but only for Israeli interests) it has simply lost its "right to exist"!

A sad conclusion indeed!

And there are still people that say "Israel could not have carried out these attacks" - bullshit, Israel is all over America like a handful of toxic bubblegum mashed into the fur of a big, dumb, dancing bear. Or white phosphorus would be another suitable analogy. Israel: the Body-snatchers of the US body politic. Dance America, dance.

It's so disheartening, to see the US just handing itself over like this.

is it the dog wagging the tail or the tail wagging the dog?

In 1945 a plaque was erected at the site of the Allied halt of the Japanese advance in New Guinea. It is still there . It is a 'Star of David' . this before the country (or is is a 'state' - notice how they always use that word, is it a code for something) of Israel even existed. It is a huge Masonic symbol. It encodes 666 and is thus an image of that number - six points, six equilateral triangles enclosing a six-sided hexagon.
The David link is a deliberate lie.

'Jews' and Nukes DO NOT GO TOGETHER.


It's dangerous.

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