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AIPAC is brainwashing our high school kids

If there were any doubts about AIPAC and its ability to brainwash a large segment of the American population, this article from AIPAC's web page should remove any and all of them.

AIPAC is not content to hold our Congress by the short hairs, they also send agents out to our high schools, infecting a new generation of kids with propaganda, designed to turn our kids into Israeli automatons, loudly proclaiming how they love Israel.

Vulnerable teen age minds will become poisoned with the incessant Zionist propaganda to the point that anytime they hear the word "Israel", they'll automatically think, "Good. Double Good." And anytime they hear the words Arab, Muslim or Palestine, they'll react with hatred and rage, engaging in the Zionist mandated "Two Minutes Hate."

From the AIPAC web site:

AIPAC offers political leadership training that gives pro-Israel students the tools they need to be effective. From intensive seminars in Washington, D.C. where students meet with members of Congress, to rigorous trips to Israel where these up-and-coming activists can learn about the issues affecting Israel first-hand, AIPAC prepares young leaders to help build the pro-Israel community on and beyond the campus. AIPAC also offers special student programs annually at Policy Conference, the nation's most widely-attended pro-Israel event.

High School Israel Summit

AIPAC brings outstanding high school and student leaders to Washington, D.C. for high-level Israel advocacy and political activism training. Through its High School Summit, AIPAC identifies and mentors high school students from across the country who are considering academic, internship, and career tracks in the arenas of politics, public policy, media, and Israel advocacy. This fall AIPAC is partnering with select Jewish Day Schools, synagogues, youth groups, and teen leadership organizations to train 300 outstanding high school students and their chaperones.



Fortunately we have the U.S. Department of Education on our side.

Wait a minute...

The head of the Department is Margaret Spellings, a zionist Jew. Her Deputy Secretary is Raymond Simon, another zionist Jew.

In the words of comedienne Gilda Radner (another zionist Jew)...


they can openly indoctrinate students in US with Zionism and Arabs can't even teach their culture to US citizens because it would threaten US national security and create terrorist cells in NY. Hypocritical scumbags.

"Let there be Light!"

"Let there be Light!"

..the disparity is mind-boggling! Those bastard zioosers are indoctrinating children into believing in beastly systems, rather than God! Arabic school can't even open without an infiltrate-discredit-impersonate propaganda campaign waged against it by gaypac.

"Jihadi," "public madrassa," and "segregationist" .. yeah right.

..yeah, you just can't have an INTIFADA against the superior-master-racists, nooo.


White men are not allowed to do so, because that would be hateful. White men are allowed by their jew masters to discuss only three things:

1. Love of Sports.
2. Hatred of Muslims.
3. Current weather conditions.

Anything in addition to that is considered a non-PC conversation. Note that organizing a counter-revolution is not on the list.

it appears so TV...doesn't matter if we are white outside we are still black inside if you know what I mean...slavery is usually ascribed to blacks but thats just a name while its reality is colorless...

"Let there be Light!"

"Let there be Light!"

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