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Don't Be CRAZY!: Ask Judge Mukasey about the Talmudic Law of the Moser!

Text of fax broadcast:
NEW YORK, NEW YORK * 20 OCTOBER 2007 Citizen of the USA Stephen M. St. John addresses the international community in Washington and here in New York City, all members of the US Congress as well as other organizations and individuals, public and private, and advises the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary as a matter of great urgency to question President Bush's nominee for Attorney General, retired federal judge Michael B. Mukasey, on his adherence to the Talmudic law of the Moser. Judge Mukasey is an Orthodox Jew, and knowing his adherence to the Talmudic law of the Moser -- or lack thereof -- is highly relevant in assessing his suitability for the top position in the Department of Justice. The Talmudic law of the Moser, which prohibits a Jew from informing directly or indirectly on another Jew to a non-Jew, is diametrically opposed to the adversarial process of our judicial system as well as an impediment for our intelligence and law enforcement communities in the discharge of their duties. The Talmudic law of the Moser degrades and compromises the USA's cherished principle of equal justice for all. Therefore, having an Attorney General who subscribes to what is essentially an illegal covenant of silence that can only militate against the proper administration of justice, is a clear and present danger to the national security of the USA. And so it is imperative that each member of the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary take responsibility to see that the matter of the Talmudic law of the Moser is finally broached openly and decisively at their hearings with Judge Mukasey. For more information and commentary on the Talmud, visit the very excellent website; you will never look at a Zionist the same way again! Finally, Citizen St. John invites reviews of the Warren Commission, the USS Liberty incident and the 9/11 Commission with special emphasis on the dark influence of the Talmudic law of the Moser, and to this end also invites perusal of his Letter to Rehnquist, his Dissenting Critique of the 9/11 Commission Report and articles on the USS Liberty posted on his new web site For example, the Talmudic law of the Moser will explain why the 9/11 Commission never admitted compelling evidence of explosions at the WTC so as to maintain the cover story of what was a "false flag" intelligence operation to get the USA to fight the Arabs.

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