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'Judeo-Fascist Awareness' on the rise

By now, you've all heard of Horowitz's much ballyhooed travelling hate circus, "Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week" (aka, IFAW) - which according to their site was supposed to launch at 200 campuses nationwide.

Well, thanks to Dr. M (from whose site I borrowed the nifty title of this post), I discovered that not only is Horowitz full of shit (as usual) - the number is actually 26 (see IFAW calendar of events HERE) - but also, if this video of the talk at U Berkley is any indication, the campaign is an abysmal failure.

Check out IFAW Day 1:

(Of course, you'll have to fast-forward through Nonie "The Devil" Darwish's hardcore zionist bullshit, but in between you'll witness the exact opposite of their desired objective - instead of increasing "Islamo-fascist awareness," Nonie's talk demonstrated VERY high levels of "Judeo-fascist Awareness" among students, who showed little to no tolerance for her blatant lies.)

American college students aren't stupid.

Horowitz and Nonie messed with the wrong crowd!

"Woe is me, Nonie! - what do we do now???" -- Horrorwitz with a hangover.

"Time for a new - and improved - false flag!" -- Bibi in the background.

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