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Students hired to promote Israel

It would seem there aren't enough Zionist believers convinced of the virues of Israel to stand up for the beloved homeland of the Jews these days.

Thus the need to pay for the propaganda:

An advocacy group is hiring students as on-campus promoters of Israel.

StandWithUs is offering up to $1,000 a year this semester to 38 Emerson fellows, Jewish student leaders at key colleges and universities targeted by the organization. Their duties will include bringing in speakers and films that show Israel in a positive light.

Officials from StandWithUs told reporters that they gave particular consideration to applicants from “problem campuses” such as Columbia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Michigan, which the organization identifies as hotbeds of anti-Israel sentiment. [MZ: or maybe hotbeds of truth telling about Israel?]

More than 100 students applied for the fellowships, funded by California-based philanthropists Rita and Steven Emerson.

StandWithUs is an international pro-Israel education organization founded in 2001.


Pretty bad when you gotta PAY for advocates!

"Hey you, Whitehouse. Ha ha,.. charade you are" Pigs/Animals/Pink Floyd


"I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it" Voltaire

"Hey you, Whitehouse. Ha ha,.. charade you are" Pigs/Animals/Pink Floyd

and donate it to a non-zoo charity, if you can find one!

then sabotage their sh*t by telling the truth!!!


Why do Zionists focus on universities? The threat to them is not the curricula, since professors preach same lies that students have been told in school from the time they were in kindergarten.

No, the threatcolor = red> is the social environment. In universities, students socialize with people they normally wouldn’t socialize with. In student lounges, campus coffee shops, and off-campus beer joints, students sit with each other and feel safe among friends. They exchange books, ideas, and web links, opening each other’s eyes about Zionism. They are exposed to students from foreign nations. They have access to all kinds of books in the campus library, and they have their first horrific encounters with Zionist Jews.

All of this builds a synergy of truth and knowledge that Zionists find terrifying.

Zionists succeed by making their Goy-slaves feel isolated and helpless. The university social setting thwarts their evil.

The purpose of shitty little organizations like Hillel is not to debate anyone, since Zionists, being worms, don't have a leg to stand on. They can't afford the exposure that comes with debate anyway. No, the purpose is to form counter-societies with the goal of convincing Goy students that "We have power on campus and you don't. We're popular and you're not."

However the wiggling Zio-bugs are fighting a losing battle. They're so f**king stupid that the only thing they can say when challenged is, "You're anti-semitic." This works in general society, where Goy-slaves are isolated and alone, but it backfires in university settings.

Hence they have been reduced to paying people to be walking echo chambers for Zio-filth.

Their duties will include bringing in speakers and films that show Israel in a positive light.

At least creators of fine fiction will receive a significant boost and much-needed encouragement on hearing this news.

some items on the University of Michigan, because I didn't know there was anti-israel sentiment on the campus of U of M. I was surprised to find that this is so. Go BLUE Go!

Well it is a start...I am hopeful.

The neocon dream for a NWO, the zionist dream for it's "israel" this thng called a 'jewish' state - I can't help that all this will fall apart. I can't see the zionists building their 3rd temple.

Just my strong feeling about things.

I found this on a pro-israeli site while looking around the Net.

Has anyone heard of Dr. Joel Kovel? I never have.

This video is only 8 minutes long


That’s the link where I found
items on the University of Michigan –

I know – most people here have doubts about Democracy Now.

Still I think this video is worth watching.

Almost 11 minutes long.

………then I found this video on the Talmud - nothing new, but interesting to watch all the same.

About 6 minutes long.


CNN claims that about 40 Jews in Iran have taken the $10,000 bribe to move to Palestine. Most already had family living in Palestine.

CNN says part of the $10,000 bribe comes from donations by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a zionist “Christian” group founded by Rabbi Yehiel Eckstein of Chicago. Eckstein claims the situation facing Iranian Jews is “critical” because of Ahmadinejad’s incessant calls for Israel to be WIPED OFF THE MAP. color = red> "By the time Iranian Jews realize it's not going to blow over, it'll be too late," Eckstein said. "A U.S. or Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear program will make Iran to come down on the local Jewish population."

Iran's Jewish community is protected by the country's constitution, and remains the largest in the Middle East outgside Palestine. Synagogues, Jewish schools, and stores operate freely in Tehran. In 2000, Iranian authorities convicted 10 Jews of spying for Mossad, but an appeals court freed them. (!!!)color = red>

Israeli reporters and TV camera crews mob the newcomers. Their arrival was the top story on the evening newscast of Israel's Channel 2 TV.

Meir Javedanfar, an Israeli analyst whose family went from Iran to Palestine in the 1980s, said Jews are free to practice their religion inside Iran, but are increasingly concerned about the intensity of attacks on Israel by the Iranian press, which they view as bordering on anti-Semitism.

(Perhaps the Iranian press does not like Israelis’ repeated threats to bomb Iran. So...$10,000, and still they can only get 40.)

Because of ever-increasing Zionist censorship on U.S. campuses, several academics have started a web site called the Committee For Open Discussion of Zionism.

They hope to arrange a number of conferences and lectures in 2008.

The trigger for (Jewish) professor Joel Kovel was when Zionist pressure groups (such as “Campus Watch” and “Stand With Us”) tried to stop distribution of Kovel’s book Overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel / Palestine.

The Zionists won at first, but had to back down later when the University Of Michigan Pres took a stand against them.

Zionists color = red>ALWAYS lose when someone has the courage to stand up to them. color = red>

Excellent link and observation, as usual.. thank ye..

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