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Jews beat Santa Claus with truncheons


Israeli guards beat five demonstrators, including one dressed as Santa Claus, during a protest yesterday against Israel's apartheid wall in the West Bank.

About 50 peace activists attended the rally in the village of Um Salomona, near Bethlehem, the Biblical birthplace of Jesus that is preparing to celebrate Christmas.

Israeli border guards armed with truncheons briefly detained one activist and savagely beat another five during the rally. One Christian Palestinian protester was wearing a Santa Claus costume.

Israel says the massive barrier of electric fencing, barbed wire and concrete walls built across the West Bank is needed to stop potential attackers from infiltrating the country and attacking Jewish settlements on Arab land.*color = red>

Palestinians say the project is aimed at grabbing their land and undermining the viability of their promised state.

In 2004, the International Court of Justice issued a non-binding ruling that parts of the 650-kilometre (410-mile) barrier criss-crossing the West Bank are illegal and should be torn down.

Israel has vowed to complete the project anyway.


*color = red> Whoa! The AFP news network slipped up there!

“Jewish settlements on Arab land.”


..the racist colony of USRAEL is about the vanish from the pages of time. We'll see who laughs last.

From MonkeyZerg's blog Node 599.

MonkeyZerg - "This brief exchange between a couple of deranged [drunk?] teenage israeli 'settlers' and a British film crew is a glaring example of everything that's wrong with the 'Promised Land' . . ."

-=-=-=-=-The Video seems to have disappeared-=-=-=-=-

“We killed Jesus and we're proud of it!”
This brief exchange between a couple of deranged [drunk?] teenage israeli 'settlers' and a British film crew is a glaring example of everything that's wrong with the 'Promised Land' . . .

Teenage settler [to Cameraman]: "You asshole!

You and your fucking Jesus can kiss my ass, ok?!!

[Not clear who says "Go away!"]

Teenage settler: "Screw you! Screw your mothers!

No camera! No camera! I break your camera - don't take pictures, okay?! Screw you, you Nazi!

You fuck - don't take camera! I break your camera; don't take picture. [something in Hebrew?] We don't want picture, no picture.

[teenage settler moves closer to Cameraman]

Cameraman: "Please, please, you need - you can't come in here, this is not your house."

Teenage settler [now walking away]: "We killed Jesus and we're proud of it!

This is our land! Get the fuck out of here!

This is my land, you fuck!"

Cameraman: "This is not your land - it belongs to these families."

Teenage settler: "You son of a bitch! We're going to kill you and the Palestinians! you . . . you Nazi, son of a shit!

[something in Hebrew?]

This is my land! God gave it to me!

FUCK YOU! Nazi! call everyone you want, I'm going to kill you!

Bastards! This is my house! This is my land! God gave it to me! and FUCK you!


Just like the jews like to say "Never Forget!"

Neither should we.


Agent R: Undercover

not so cool facts about 'israel'

I especially thank you for the video of the two former israeli soldiers.

I happened on this video a few months ago and I couldn't get it to work.

The conscience of these two men are what the israeli public needs to develop.

Yeah....and fairytales are real.

Then "israel" is doomed by its own hand, it no huge changes occur.


it's interesting to actually hear the crimes first hand, straight from the Khorsar's mouth!!

it's almost unbelievable to know they smash through people's walls , terrorize and kill the residents, wipe shit everywhere, and get away with it too! check out the barbarians!! yet, there's hope for even the zavage barbarian, who may know deep inside that something just ain't right!

the first hint seems to be when they realized their parents were deceived; freakin' clueless i say!! i think they are wary to tell us how many people they killed, or had a hand in killing.

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