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The fabulous holo-hoax-on-wheels

WUFYS readers have heard about the latest “holocaust train” that is touring German cities, filling youthful minds with the holo-hoax.

I mention this because militant Jews demanded that German state railways (Deutsche Bahn) pay for it – and also because tomorrow (27 January) is world holo-hoax remembrance day.

The “Train of Commemoration” is a vintage 1929 steam locomotive hauling two carriages loaded with pictures of alleged child holo-hoax victims. Since November 2007 it has been touring forty German cities, and will reach Auschwitz Poland on 8 May 2008, having covered 2,000 miles.

German school children are brought on field trips to learn how their parents and grandparents brutally stuffed children of the Master Race into cattle cars, and shipped them off to (non-existent) gas chambers.

(This is a great way to attack family unity among the Deutsche-Goyim.)

Deutsche Bahn said the holo-hoax train must pay the same toll for track-use as other private train operators. A Bahn spokesman said the company wished to treat all customers equally, although transport minister Wolfgang Tiefensee promised that Deutsche Bahn would donate the toll fees to charity.

Jews were outraged. As always, they demanded a free ride, saying the Nazis used Deutsche Bahn during World War II (then called the Reichsbahn). They said the tens of thousands of euros of tolls were "a boycott of this public commemoration."

"They are treating the Train of Commemoration like a commercial operation, as if it is taking a shipment of scrap metal or cement from one place to another!”

Naturally the Jews won. German taxpayers will foot the bill for the holo-hoax-on-wheels.

Ironically, Deutsche Bahn will begin its own holo-hoax show tomorrow, titled “Special Trains to Death.” It combines railway museum material with exhibits from France about the transport of the Chosen. Millions of young Germans will see holo-hoax posters and exhibits in railway and subway stations. The propaganda will move to various stations, and then become a permanent exhibit in Nuremberg. Germany will have yet another holo-hoax museum.

Hence this is a battle of dueling hoaxers. On one side is Deutsche Bahn. On the other is the “Train of Memory” Foundation. Both have holo-hoax shows.

The Deutsche Bahn show was organized by Franco-German Nazi hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld: two zionist Jews notorious for promoting extreme violence against truth-tellers such as Robert Faurisson.

In 2003 the Klarsfelds set up an exhibition of 180 pictures that once again showed Jewish children being shipped off to (non-existent) gas chambers. The exhibition appeared in eighteen French train stations. Now it will appear in German train stations (in addition to the holo-hoax-on-wheels).

Beate Klarsfeld says 1.5 million children of the Chosen were shipped to death camps, where at least 11,000 children were immediately gassed, or thrown alive into ovens.

(By the way, Nazi Germany’s Kindertransport shipped 10,000 Jewish children to England. British Goyim took them into their homes -- the same Goyim that Jews today call “anti-Semites.” Jews want you to think all these children ended up in GAS CHAMBERS. )


About eighty percent of our emotional makeup is established by age eight. Jews know it is crucial to implant lies into their victims before that point. The Jewish goal is not to make victims “defend” the holo-hoax, but to make victims regard the holo-hoax as beyond examination. In the implanted victim, Jewish lies become a Truth that is as obvious and self-evident as the fact that 2+2 = 4.

If the filthy Goyim are not implanted early, they will regard World War II as one catastrophe among many. If, however, they are implanted in their young childhood, they will compare everything with the holo-hoax. Jewish lies become their standard, their measure for all things, their “common sense,” the basis for their entire worldview. Jewish lies will even warp the victim’s religion, which helps extract unconditional support for Jewish atrocities and Jewish control.

You cannot reason with an implanted victim, since logic and evidence challenge the victim’s sense of selfhood, which was constructed by Jewish lies. Facts undermine the victim’s romantic fairy tales – not just about the holo-hoax, but about all things. The implanted victim will cry “anti-Semitism!” even louder than Jews shriek it. He becomes more zionist than the zionists. He becomes a puppet, although he thinks he is “wiser” than anti-zionists.

Therefore you must never discuss the holo-hoax with implanted victims. If you simply throw out facts and evidence, you will lose a friend.

There is no way to remove an implant from a victim. Each person must remove it himself. This usually happens through an internal mechanism, or an external one.


At a certain point the victim notices that things about the holo-hoax don’t add up. Why, for example, is the holo-hoax the only “genocide” that needs laws to defend it? Why is there little mention of other genocides in movies and the mass media?

Nonetheless, the victim pays little attention to this until he stumbles across the truth, usually on the Internet. Initially he is disgusted, since his “faith” has been jolted. He shrinks away in horror. Facts and truth are “dirty” and “sacrilegious.” However the implant has been mortally damaged. After the victim gets over his initial shock, he starts reading, and soon sees reality. Many historical events that seemed mysterious now become clear. The pieces fall into place. Everything starts to “make sense.”


The implanted victim is full of romantic fairy tales about the “Chosen People.” He loves them, admires them, and envies their “closeness to God “ One day a Jew betrays him in a business deal, or in some other way. When the victim complains to others, half of his friends condemn him for his “anti-Semitism,” while the other half say, “What did you expect? He’s a Jew.” The complete lack of sympathy is a traumatic wake-up call. It slaps the victim’s “faith” out of him. The victim realizes that Jews betray on an individual basis, and on a mass-basis.


The purpose of implantation is not simply to control the victim, but to neutralize his compassion. The holo-hoax makes him nihilistic. It switches him off, and isolates him from spiritual depths. It makes him dismiss real genocides as, “nothing compared to what the Jews went through.” This promotes parochialism (the tendency to see one’s homeland as “superior” and all other lands as “inferior”), which in turn promotes warmongering in the service of Israel and the elite.

And so when the implanted victim learns about the Rwandan genocide, to take a random example (engineered by France so French corporations could steal all of Rwanda’s resources), he thinks, “So what? They’re primitive Africans.” He need not consciously compare Africans to Jews. He merely ignores the suffering of others out of habit.

The implanted victim does not think, “The holocaust is all that matters.” On the contrary, nothing matters. The horror of the “gas chambers” is too terrible to grasp, and so the victim doesn’t try to grasp anything. He becomes a zombie.

He also becomes racist. He regards other races as shadowy “others” in a fuzzy background. Since his life is based on the holo-hoax fairy tale, nothing is quite “real,” except for him and his animal cravings.

By contrast, those who wake up become compassionate. They see the same lies repeated again and again, and think, “Wow, we’re all victims of this game.”

In short, the zionist is not satisfied to make you an obedient slave. You must be an emotionless slave. He does not want you to love him too much. (He does not want you to love anything. ) If your zionism is too passionate, you can suddenly switch the other way. The zionist wants converts, not zealots. He will be passionate (i.e., violent). He will make decisions. He will carry the banner. Your job is to shut up and do as you’re told. You are allowed to feel reverence while you are in a holo-hoax museum, but other than that, Jews will do the thinking and feeling. You will do the toiling and dying.

This is one reason why zionists despise evangelical “Christians.” The zionist regards these people as dangerous. The same fervor that evangelicals show in support of Jewish atrocities could easily oppose Jewish atrocities.


The implanted victim who accepts Jewish lies “on faith” loses touch with reality. Therefore he can be twisted in any way that Jews see fit. The holo-hoax is an ethereal dream. In the victim’s struggle to keep this chimera together, he dreads being confused. He invests Jewish lies with a vague romance. His holo-hoax becomes like a distant fantasyland that only exists in his mind. His love for the Jew is not a real love -- like love for a spouse or a child -- it is a dream-love, like one feels alone in a dark room on a sleepless night. It is a fever-love that evaporates come sunrise. Hence the holo-hoax must be continually re-implanted through items like movies.

In this way, the monstrous evil of war, zionism, and Jewish supremacy become “righteous and true.”

Is this not Satanic?

Is this “Train of Commemoration” not a rolling load of raw evil?



How many HAUL-o-COST 'remembrance days' do we need to put up with before we collectively punch these THiEVES in their kake_holes?

Heck, if they extorted all the 'Goyim nations' (true israel) that were victimized by WW's 1,2,3rd world and perpetual 4th , we could HAVE A HOLOHOAX EVERY DAY!!!!

As a funding solution I propose the holo-hoax-on-wheels director's acquire additional train's and offer an alternative to the Europass and call it Eurogass. They could maximize their profit's by cramming as many backpacker's and other tourist's as possible into additional boxcar's and even pin on optional Star David's to enhance the experience. No toilet's, no food, just cue cards to coach the passenger's to wail, whinge and whine as they approach each stop.

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