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Ehud Barak's Newsweek Interview on Iran's Nuclear Programme

Given the continued warmongering by influential Neopaths such as Bolton (‘Israel May Have to Strike Iran Soon’) and Podhoretz (‘Stopping Iran - Why the Case for Military Action Still Stands’) this week’s interview of Ehud Barak with Newsweek (' A Conversation With Ehud Barak ') warrants a closer examination. 

Barak admits that the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran has ‘reduced the [international] enthusiasm even for tougher sanctions, [leave alone a war against Iran]'. He indirectly admits that Russia and China, and to a lesser extent Europe, are resisting USraeli pressure for a more aggressive stance towards the Islamic Republic. His solution? A ‘more intimate cooperation between the United States, the E.U., Russia and China, and a paradigm shift in the way we approach China and Russia.' I can only guess what exactly Barak was thinking of, but I am sure that this 'intimacy' wouldn't be pleasant.


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