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Gazans Rap to the Beat of the Wall, Racism and Misery

Jackie Salloum's film trailer below, on which Ibn Bint Jbeil assisted her with translation of the subtitles:

Jackie's first film work was the music video montage below, which she created for the Palestinian Hip Hop group DAM's song
"Meen Irhabi" ("Who's the Terrorist")

Source of Videos:


For Shoah!!

Nazareth - Gone Dead Train.FLAC 22Mb

Should learn to speak Arabic! piss on the supremacists' inferiority/fear complex!! 'Strike fear' into their cold-hearts! Ironically, supremacism/anger are the manifestation; sheol the destiny. it's like a chihuawa that snarls and barks loudly at the wolf, for a shot time..

What is that? The guitar sounds like Spanish guitar, or just Spanish-sounding.  Or perhaps, Arabic-sounding, for that matter. 

They both are a bit identical.

This is another good video from Joe2.

I forgot to mention it.


Meen Erhabe is very telling, it's rocks vs. bullets;
and who's the MFO terrorist?

Real busy lately.. in and out of the n^continuum.. woke up a whole bunch of people today.. IN PERSON.
I Will Learn Spanish AND Arabic Now.

(& !! =) You will be Happy Soon. i Love You!

is also here.

Nuttin' a little work won't fix.. the bastards will pay for THAT.

#ff00ff">Thanks Rhiannon.....

#0000ff">Yo Grim

#0000ff">quieres aprender español? es muy facil

#0000ff">pero árabe, es muy duro, buena suerte..

i just understood what you said! is that Spain or America?


General "we're here to kill people" Hi_llier JUST RESIGNED!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

He said he re_ something, but we know the truth! All he did was KILL PEOPLE for OPIUM, RACISM, OIL & THE PROTOCOLS OF ZOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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