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Lebanon 2006 - Never To Be Forgotten

Dear Grim Reaper :) first, I wanted to say that you are wrong about why you thought I might be depressed. Lebanon 2006 is the reason I started blogging. The ones alive to suffer keep me going. I am not nearly as depressed as I am angry. But you made a good point, Grim. So I will concentrate on more positive pictures in the future.

Crimes of Zion...thank you for that spiritual video. I greatly appreciate the message and your thoughtful and cheerful words.

Joe2...I really like that song/video. Reminds me of high school!! Suddenly I am not so tired and so I put this post together. Thank you for the inspiration!

But I have lost a lot of sleep since late summer ’06. Perhaps I will come back in the spring - if not sooner.

I appreciate everyone’s care and kindness in the comments. It means a lot to me.

Please press play and scroll but don't scroll fast or too fast:

"Hezbollah soldiers saved my son's life and brought him to safety."


Touched By The Sun
Carly Simon


Good to see you're back, Rhiannon, if only for awhile until you reload and come back full time to continue kicking Zionist arse. Until then, stay positive and have fun.

girl - you are so talented!

we need to get u set up making music videos.

this is a fabulous collection of pics set to the perfect song!

take care of yourself and come back kicking. we need u.

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.


The_Sun_babe!!! Your contribution to the_masterpiece is greatly=appreciated!!!
..i've been busy the past few days..

You see that pic of the fishermen? I'd bet they aren't allowed to FiSH; not with BOATS anyways!!! This iS BLATANT GENOCiDE!!!

&qrswave, you=read=my=mind!

I just wanted to say that I, like most everybody else here, want you and need you.. to be happy and well..

I have always appreciated your colorful insights and information-- top-shelf, always. Always, &c.

Have you any suggestions?

Music and pictures, for the slideshow, of course!

Anything that jams and has specific vibrational quality..

I've about a DVD5 compressed to mostly 256K-CBR-stereo, so far..

Some good songs in Arabic and other languages would be greatly appreciated.

I'm also looking for good recordings of important speeches to mix in, or any other relevant material.

Some ConCen radio episodes? hehe, come on OG!

Notably missing is classical music, but that may change.

I'm not looking for boring and repetetive songs about love and revolution, in fact the songs may be about anything, even b'rithany's pears' best song..
Over the altar bay_bee..

Will gladly RiP the heart out of any worthwhile american culture, and serve it up to the masses; from rare to well-done!!!

Overly repetetive, muddy, poor quality and most offensive material will be omitted.

Also, Rhiannon.. sorry for being so blunt; it is Love that makes me use the wooden end of the scythe.
I pray for your family and friends to be safe.

How do i get to the user contact form?

Thank You iNFiNiTe

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