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Was filmmaking genius Stanley Kubrick 'snuffed' in retribution for symbolic exposé of the Illuminati in "Eyes Wide Shut"?

Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and Illuminati Symbology (9 min)

The ritual in Eyes Wide Shut (YT, 5 min, embedding disabled)

While perusing the Jeff Rense-Benjamin Fulford interview transcript in researching Chinese secret society which I previously discussed, I came across the interesting tidbit:

(Discussing the deal with the Illuminati members to spare their lives by not carrying out the genocidal plans to de-populate the Earth)


FULFORD: No. I'm going to get these people if no one else does. If they don't agree to my terms, they are doomed. And they know it. They have the intelligence agents.

You people out there, you don't know because you don't have access. You don't know if I'm lying, if I'm a crazy guy, but they do. People in the CIA, the NSA, Mossad, they know I'm not kidding. This society is real. And they are moving.

So they realize this is not a bluff. This a promise. They must stop their crazy games.

What these people are trying to do - I know it sounds insane. They are trying to artificially create Armageddon. They are trying to make people believe these are end times, by slaughtering people through disease and famine.

I believe they even have, I know this will sound a bit crazy and you will start wondering about me, but they have some kind of microwave weapon that can heat up underground water near earthquake-prone zones, and trigger earthquakes.

RENSE: Oh, I believe it. If that particular technology is true, it's probably one of two or three. They can do it with harmonic resonance, with sonic-based weapons and devices. There are a lot of ways, apparently, to get earthquake faults to move.

FULFORD: So what I'm getting, the feeling is these people are trying to artificially create the appearance of end times, just like in the Bible, and fool everybody.

RENSE: They seem to be playing to that script.

FULFORD: And you must not be fooled, because this has nothing to do with anything spiritual or otherworldly. This is right here on this earth.

And the cults these people represent, they have been known by folklore over the years. You have to start with Nimrod, the Babylonian tyrant. Then Hammurabi.

Hammurabi is known to the Jews as Abraham - a Babylonian tyrant. A slave driver. These people have had a secret sect of slave drivers that is almost six thousand years old.

They have very, very sophisticated methods. They use secrecy, murder, bribery and ridicule as their main weapons. They have had a very good run, but this is checkmate for them, as far as I am concerned.

They are not going to get away with this. They'd better realize it. It's game up. They've been exposed. People know about them. They are onto their game. And it's not going to work.

All you've got to do is target the Eye. Hollywood - the people in Hollywood have been trying to warn the Americans for years! If you look at Tolkien's movie, you have this Eye on the top of a mountain. Destroy the Eye and save the world.

Or [destroy] the masters. Stanley Kubrick gave up his life to expose these people.

So you've got to remember this isn't [associated with] the Jews. The Jews are your best friends in fighting these people, because they've been their biggest victims over the years.

RENSE: Well, we're talking about Zionists here, not Jews.

FULFORD: Exactly. I'm talking about a specific - well, yeah, you can call them Zionists. I think at a higher level it is a very secretive sect of people who are pretending they are Gods.

RENSE: What happened to Stanley Kubrick? I don't mean the precise cause of death, but where was he going that got him into trouble with these people?

FULFORD: It was the movie Eyes Wide Shut, exposing the Masonic orgies. They showed that there were people being killed. This is probably based on real events.

I haven't done the proper research, but there is an old man who dies in Eyes Wide Shut. If I'm not mistaken, the man in the movie died exactly the way Stanley Kubrick died in real life, just as he finished the movie.

RENSE: It is also suggested that Kubrick was involved in creating the - at least some hoaxed Apollo moon footage, and knew all about that. His wife has intimated as much since his death.

I consider myself a fan of Stanley Kubrick, and I find this revelation, while outlandish, fascinating.

Admittedly, when I was a young man, I did not enjoy Eyes Wide Shut as a plodding and ludicrously turgid movie.

The strange circumstance of Kubrick's March 7, 1999 death at his home -- and the family refuse to release the exact cause of death other than natural cause (may be sudden cardiac arrest) -- shortly after approving the lock on final cut and before the film was released in theatres in North America and some regions on July 16 provide a new perspective that might explain his reclusive & somewhat eccentric lifestyle beginning in the early 70's and why it led naturally to the subject of his final film.

While Kubrick's genius was undoubted to some who appreciate stimulating cinematic art, he chose to relocate to Great Britain to settle as his permanent home beginning in about 1962 after having endured the experience of dealing with the stress and frustration of Hollywood large-scale production & demanding actors (Spartacus). He had not set foot on American soil sometime after the 60's since (he attended April 1968 premiere of 2001: A Space Odyssey in New York City), if the assumption is correct.

Kubrick was famous for the perfectionist style in cold, detached, subliminal, psychologically inhumane and challenging cinematic aesthetics and his preferred approach to adapt the published materials for the screen. He chose Arthur Schnitzler's obscure psychosexual drama novella Traumnovelle (alternatively called Dream Story) to form the basis of the film production removed from general comprehension in plot depth more complex than his previous films.

It's been several years since I saw Eyes Wide Shut for the second time, in my vain attempt to evaluate the movie on its merit in story and theme comprehension. Now that years have passed and my knowledge of the Illuminati and Zionism acquired, I have learned, by viewing the video on YouTube, the appliance of occult symbols in purposefully obscured "satirical context" to accentuate Kubrick's cleverly veiled use of theme on the deadly contagion of mind control, lust, corruption, avarice, deceit, treachery and power vested in the secret society conspiring to swindle, debaunch, brutalize, violate and enslave humanity in Eyes Wide Shut.

While (perhaps rightly) condemned by the mystified and bored audiences for its sheer tedium and incomprehensibility of the bizarre, nonsensical story, Eyes Wide Shut may have a valid point that emerged belatedly, as the truth of the disturbing events and facts divulged and theorized in the alternative media and on the information superhighway of the Internet give our conscious mind food for thought -- the events tracing to the secret societies involving ambitious power to control financial and political businesses in governing the national and international affairs, intelligence services and occult participation within the ranks of the Illuminati, et cetera.

This is precisely Mr. Kubrick's intention. The interpretation of his prophetic warnings can also be found in another film A.I. (themes of searching for maternal love, inhumanity and human extinction) which Steven Spielberg studiously developed for production soon after his friend's untimely passing.

As far as the circumstance of Kubrick's death at the age of 70 is concerned, I may never know whether his death, which is still a great loss for modern cinema nine years later, was a retribution by one of the secret societies angry at the expose of the supposedly discreet activities to bring awareness to the general audience.

The general audience's poor reception of Eyes Wide Shut in reaction -- complaining about the slow-moving tedium and weirdly idiotic story (especially the bedroom scene of a long-winded marital communication in drugged state, escape from the cult's grip & the last scene involving the singular utterance of "Fuck" word) -- may have brought relief to the Illuminati that depend on the trust of the controlled media not to shed the light on the treasonous activity in the long-term plan to usurp power and introduce globalist totalitarian tyranny.

May Stanley Kubrick rest in eternal peace, having departed this mortal plane to leave behind his illuminating message to mankind the warning on the rise of occult tyranny and optimism in renewed hope and faith in the good of humanity.


Stanley Kubrick

July 26, 1928 – March 7, 1999


What a great man was Stanley Kubrick. His films were beyond excellent and superb masterpieces. THis post enlightens even more positivity on his work. They were the work of  a true genius.

"The object of the superior man is truth." --Confucius

"The truth shall be told."

"The truth shall be told."

It's been years since I saw any one of Kubrick's films, but some left indelible memories of experience viewing in me.

My favorites are as follows in order:

2001: A Space Odyssey (the most transcendental sci-fi film ever made, one that touch the human spirit and consciousness)

Barry Lyndon (Biting subliminal satire and one of the most impressive cinematography achievements I saw [candlelight scenes, wide shot, etc])

Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (A rare film that alternate between hysterical and depressing, because truth is brutal under the guise of a "MAD" lite satire. George C. Scott's performance is nothing short of impossible brilliance in delivering dialogue with a straight face and falling on his face only to spring back up [the latter an unscripted accident but Kubrick found it so hilarious he kept it in the film])

Full Metal Jacket (A neutral war film's impact improves with time in sporadic repeat viewing. R. Lee Ermey's unscripted performance is astounding and he was robbed of an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for which he <i>should</i> have won. A riveting, occasionally funny, sad and brutal movie on the psyche of the making of killing machines in the first part and conquering invaders' tormented emotion of compassion and inhumanity in final part.

The Shining (A horror film that also improves with time in terms of appreciation for its superlative adaptation of a ghost story that gives creeps and chills effectively, electrifying acting by Jack Nicholson & Scatman Crothers and haunting cinematography and lighting aesthetics.)

Least favorite is A Clockwork Orange, an ostentatious and self-indulgent film. I understand its pointed themes on deviant human behavior and totalitarianism. Never read the novel upon which the movie is based. I admired trademark Kubrick photography and Malcolm McDowell's performance.

My opinion of Eyes Wide Shut is expressed in the article above.

It's been a long, long time since I saw The Killing and Spartacus. Never saw Lolita and Killer's Kiss, but will make an effort to view these movies when I have time.

I saw Kubrick's short films on a bootleg video. I definitely understand why Kubrick wanted to burn every existing print of his 1953 "debut" feature film Fear and Desire; it's weird and nonsensical with amateurish feel. I know why he found the film embarrassing to watch in retrospective. Every established director get the start with the rough edges in mastering the art of filmmaking, so the aesthetics of evident amateur skill is expected. I don't remember much about Seafarers, Day of the Fight and Flying Padre, except impressively stylish cinematography. Kubrick worked as a photographer in his youth days and talent in indelible imagery show.

When I afford a mid-sized HDTV plasma with the eventual ownership of a PlayStation 3 (to play the epic conclusion of Metal Gear Solid), I will definitely buy 2001: A Space Odyssey on Blu-ray as my first purchase of a Blu-ray movie disk. Library of Kubrick films deserve grounds-up remastering for HD transfer.

Stanley Kubrick 's death occurred 66 days after the beginning of the New Year 1999.

The number of days from the day of his death on March 7, 1999 to January 1, 2001 is 666.

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It's a must!

You must see this movie. One of my sister's favorites. Poor girl. She rented the movie several years ago and tried to get me to watch it. Then I saw it one day. Excellent film!

Shelly Winter's character reminds me of the Charles M. Shulz cartoon, Lucy Van Pelt, in regards to her obnoxious attention to Schroeder.

The odious Charlotte can't see the truth under her nose. You have to enjoy a character like that!


Nah…more like a PARODY. The word, Love, gets a little stretched out to mean other things that have nothing to do with it. Lolita is an excellent illustration as to why LOVE is not free; not easy to get – certainly not TRUE LOVE – certainly not on this planet. We try for it; instead, most of us end up with something else...and that’s not love. Oh sure...there are very few fortunate ones who get it. Very few. So go figure…a man wrote the book and a man directed the movie. Just goes to show that men are not clueless at all on the “"subtle"” advances of women.


Interesting that in Rhiannon's Lolita video, the woman's phone number is given to the male character as simply 1776, the year of the Declaration of Independence but also the year that Adam Weishaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati in Bavaria. Kubrick does seem to have a bit of an Illuminati fetish.

The second clip makes that glaring "sacred, not profane " reference - nothing esoteric there, is there? I think the entire lodge scene in Eyes Wide Shut should be viewed with reverse speech - probably be very revealing.

Whoever made this video doesn't seem to get it.

Christmas is essential to the plot - probably because these rituals take place around Christmas. The highest holy day in the Satanic calendar is Christmas.  Christmas trees have absolutely nothing to do with the eye in the triangle.  They're a Scandinavian / German invention from the pagan era. 

Rainbows, over or under has to do with "Oz cryptic" programming.  Cathy O'Brien mentions it.  Not everyone that uses a rainbow motif is into programming.

Just goes to show that men are not clueless at all on the “"subtle"” advances of women.


Just exactly what is "subtle" about "WAAAAA!!! I'm lonely!!"  Shelley Winters was never subtle in this role.

That guy in the movie is unattractive imo - snotty, rude, effeminate, and a little weird - kind of a sissy boy.  

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