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Amy Winehouse and the Star Spangled Host

From fellow blogger Michaelm:

[my additional comments in purple text]

"I fear that the israelis are an entity so beside themselves with self love that they cannot conceive of any self annihalation that could come to them by ordering, as they have, the POTUS to attack Iran, as they will."
I don't think that israelis have much of this self love. More like self-loathing and self-hatred to me. If amy winehouse is any example of the 'israel' entity, the israeli/jew/zionist thought, then "israel" is indeed filled with self-loathing and self-hatred.
And so it spills on to others, before, eventually, destroying itself. For me, it would be ideal if this entity would destroy itself before taking others down with it.
Here we have this winehouse khazar who - very mysteriously - wins many awards while living on booze and drugs, body caked with tatoos and makeup, wearing a big black rat on its head.....
There is something very wrong with the self-worth of the HOST when it can't see the parasite that feeds off it. There is something very wrong with the public that accepts this behaviour - R
Look at how a part of the entity TELLS on itself.

Thank You, Grim Reaper, for the video!  

Anyway...I like the comment of michaelm, so I use it in this post about amy winehouse, as I consider winehouse a microcosm of the macrocosm that is "israel". - R
michaelm - "Israel cannot compete on grounds of both population and resources against Iran, a regional economic power that has both, and will surpass israel which is the core reason why israel has for the last 60 yrs been such an obnoxious mass murdering genocidal bully in regard to all of its neighbours, either directly or by using dumb Americans as proxy.
They cannot abide the idea that they be just another small nation in the region and the world, as that does not square at all with their Rabbi instilled unique superiority complex that God Chose them to rule over the lessers.
I will add: This "God chose them" nonsense is nothing but an illusion and a myth, especially for the reasons they think they were chosen for---to lord it over others - R
michaelm - Rather than allow any regional nation to excel as a people in the very many human endeavours that make for a successful nation, it is essential for this uniquely psychotic mentality, the israeli, to mutter ever more shrilly about WMDs or Nukes being developed or actual, in the hands of the economic and cultural competitor which has none and has no desire to have any, but who actually should have had the moment israel came into existence.
Consider, if those psychotic israelis had not existed, then long ago those Arabic states would have formed a loose and prosperous economic federation with Farsi speaking Iran.
I fear that the israelis are an entity so beside themselves with self love [Correction! Self-hatred - R] that they cannot conceive of any self annihalation that could come to them by ordering, as they have, the POTUS to attack Iran, as they will.
If they could understand that the nuking of innocent Iran's 70,000,000 people will also result in the israel/jew/zionist being hated for all time, then they would not do this."
michaelm | Fri, 2008-06-06 10:32
From Node 7040
Oh but I think 'israel' DOES understand. This is one of the reasons it gets wars done for it by proxy. "israel" could smash a good chunk of the Middle East if it wanted to. It doesn't dare. The parasite cannot destroy the "love"/sympathy of its multiple Hosts, as it does not want to destroy its supply of nourishment. - R

Comments is disturbing to see young people being racist fuckups like this, and it really makes me wonder why buddy would make a video like this; my best guess would be to have another way to control his popuular wife, besides with drugs.

..see the brown-stained paper that flashes quickly? the vaseline is obvious, and the objects on the table look like somethings i don't want to know about.'s the flash video file, just in case you wanted to keep this blog running after YT deletes it.

..i don't care if they're khussar 'jews', galillee white, or jet-black.. although being a 'wine-house' may have helped her career. What's sick is them and their attitude, which is a LEARNED behaviour.

Keep in mind that all kinds of people make stupid comments like that, and are victims of drugs. What's important is who the hell is pushing things like heroin, ghb and methanphetamine. Why would someone want to make opium stronger? Who would make a prohibition market for heroin, and then sell it?

The UK chief of police wants to prosectute people seen on video doing drugs! That is a farce, and a clue.

Some might try to use this as yet another example of why we should censor venues like Youtube etc. Another farce, another clue. a side note, i'd trust a Gorilla anyday before i trusted a monkey or baboon. Az for lizards, that's another story.

Hard to believe but true. Major artists who have never received a Grammy award:

Led Zeppelin
Neil Young
Crosby Stills & Nash
The Beach Boys
Jimi Hendrix
The Who
CCR (yes Fogerty eventually received one … in 1997)
Grateful Dead
Diana Ross
The Doors
The Byrds

But Britney Spears has won a Grammy....Oh...JANIS JOPLIN is not on the list - SHE never won a grammy.

Look at all the awards winehouse has won....

Gee....I wonder why...


Never knew that James Marshall Hendrix never won a Grammy.

His guitar licks, especially on "Electric Ladyland" are from another cosmos.

And Jimmy Page and LZ never won?

What a crock, but some sack of fertilizer like Winehouse has?

Israel is an out of control bully with a huge inferiority complex that it hides by bombing the hell out of countries that are starting to do well, like Lebanon was before the Summer of 2006.

Lebanon was recovering from the Zionist induced Civil War and occupation when Israel realized that it might have some competition in the area, so they manufactured some phony BS excuse to bomb Lebanon back to the Stone Age.

Greg Bacon

Indeed!  Swinehouse is a micro of the israeli macro. Firstly, I guess its o.k. for jews to call themselves clever,  you're not allowed to call them clever.  Call them clever and they throw you in jail in Europe and label you anti-semetic if you're in the states.  It is also interesting to see how it's o.k. for jews to mock people along ethnic and racial lines, but they have created laws from you doing the same.  As for the glamour and awards, they're given out by jews in hollywood to keep the machine going and the retarded U.S. middle class occupied with bullshit.  The self indulence, tatoos, open drug abuse, swearing to God, and benders the next morning are yet concrete examples of how they (Jewish elite) really are.  The living conditions were deplorable and dangerous (open syringes on the coffee table, a whole circle of burnt up drugs on the floor?) What struck me the most was how a husband could betray his wife over something so petty as to tape a video of her  and lie about it, and, furthermore, at her worst and put it all over the internet for us to confirm and validate.  The truth shall set you free.  Swinehouse will meet a fate similar to hundreds of hollywood types...they eat their young, too.

I forgot to mention group sex.  The beasts probably engaged in it during the night of debauchary and drugs.  They adore it in hollywood.  Definately as a group, and it, unfortunately, may have involved the sacrifice of animals.

Geee, i wonder why!! (sic) Quite the betrayal, that's for sure!

Amy Swinehouse is a marble-mouthed, weak voiced poser whose success in entirely dependent on jewish media and recording promoters nurturing her bad girl mystique. They excuse her lack of talent as substance abuse, but straight or loaded, she just doesn't have the pipes to be a great blues singer.

Check this duet and see her make a fool of herself next to a good voice.

Did I mention that the crackho yenta is downright FUGLY?!!

In the recording studio, the voice can definitely be made to sound really good, even when a little flat or a little sharp, example Neil Young. The notes can't be changed but the quality of voice can be altered a bit through special techniques a recording studio uses to make the voice sound fuller.

But singing live can tell on a singer. That's where the real proof is.

Damn! That red-headed girl can sing! She is stunning! She has by far more superior vocals and stage presence than ...heh heh heh...swinehouse. Shame on the public for buying whinehouse cds!


As for her husband...YEAH! There is something wrong there. It's as if he is out to betray her. It sure looks like it. But when it comes to marriage / relationships, there is a concept that can be frightening to swallow: You Attract What You Are. Sometimes this is obvious, other times it is subtle. I believe this could be true.

It certainly is obvious in winehouse's case.


She sounds terrible. I heard her do a cover on Jewtube once and it was painful to watch and hear. It's obvious the Jewish media "made" her.

Put crackho yenta Swinehouse in the same audience with Shemikia Copeland and see who can sing the blues. I saw Shemikia Copeland turn off the speakers and sing accapella in an arena of 10,000 and you could hear her clear as a bell. This girl has pipes!

Thanks for the video. Interesting and very funny. I wonder if Emma saw the Hitler part - LOL!! The clip is a great showcase for the human drama. My favorite part was Frankenstein! I still remember the scene [Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 1973] with Sarrazin's Frankenstein pulling and twisting off Jane Seymour's head [his bride]. HAH! That's what a girl gets when she doesn't love her man properly!


Grim Reaper THANKS for the link of the extra video to fall back on. I don’t doubt that you tube will delete the winehouse video. They will have us FORGET.

It’s okay for THEM to say never forget, but it is not okay for us to say the same, resulting in not letting us keep proof that allows us to never forget.

I could have used your talents a while ago. The Sheryl Crow, Indigo Girls, and Oasis videos were completely removed from you tube. The Oasis and Indigo Girls videos were great songs and the scenes especially riveting! damn.

Since you were too late to save such videos you are now banished from the Rainforest's court.

Just kidding.


Yeah, Emma...and then there's jerry lewis, pauly shore, pee wee herman. Really no talent there. From what I have read, jerry lewis is extremely mean to people when they dare to ask for an autograph. Shirley MacClaine didn't care for him and Dean Martin couldn't wait to be rid of him....even if it meant that his career stalled for a time.


Hello Rhiannon,

I admit, sometimes I am too damn slow.  I wanted to bookmark the topic  but I totally forgot. Stupid me .. oh well but I remember reading about your distaste for the biggest kabbala clown ( or whore) named Madonna. 

Guess what? I have stories to tell and it is a good one!  I'm wondering if  it will  be ok to post it here, just need your permission. :)


..i'm pretty sure Rhiannon wouldn't mind..

Butt.. mudonna's already covered in krappala!!

Post away.  You never need my permission.

I enjoyed your link about carolyn kennedy schlossberg and her hubby.

Interesting stuff.


I will post it tonight as soon as I get back from watching concert.  If you  you wondering ... No,  I am not  going to see that material whore ever in my life! LOL

I was super excited last night! After all, it was my first concert experience after moving to the bay area from DC, almost two years ago.  I have seen so many awsome concerts in DC and so many memorable ones!

I've been trying to erase her off from my memory since 2004 and guess what .. whose ugly posters plastered all over the arena?? LOL  Anyway, the new concert is called "sweet and sticky"  something I don't care and I ain't going there either!

I was just like anyone else .. oh, she's so cutting edge, she's  so talented, she can't do wrong .. cause she's Madonna! You wouldn't believe how much money I've spent on  Cd's, vinyls etc.  Luckily I wasn't into collecting used toilet papers - Thank God for that! 

 First time I've seen her that would be in 2001 and I hate to admit but at that time I felt like as if I were in heaven. It didn't bother me a bit that she was an hour late and never thanked the crowd for coming to her show!  She is always been a crypto but I think she came to the full circle in 2001 with this  nasty  witchcraft  cult called Kabbalah.

2003 totally woke me up, specially with the bloody invasion of Iraq.  I even went to the march in DC against the invasion, organized by - back then I had no idea about who controls 'em.  I was totally  taken over by Bush+Chaney=Bad mantra.  Now, who told me this blame Bush stuff? Oh .. it was Madonna singing "America Life " ,  my fav idol at the time.

So, I must go her  Re Invention tour in 2004! I can't wait to see her singing "Bush+ Cheney=bad"!! It was a bizarre experience - thorough out the concert , she keep showing weird Yiddish scripts, chanting & occasionally crucifixes.  People were screaming with joy  when they were showing  crucifixes on giant screens  and hardly any reactions with Yiddish mumbo jumbo chants & scripts.  I remember seeing some people had this irritated look on their faces around me seeing all those  strange innuendos. The moment she started prancing wearing a t-shirt with "kabalaist do it better" written all over - I was utterly disgusted in my stomach.  That's when I realized that I really don't need her to tell me what is better for me, I can do much better without her evil influences. :) 

Can you believe how desperately she is trying to recruit  this A rod guy?  Time for new recruitment with loads of money to support their  holy "tap" water business! LOL


juicy links:

#0000ff">Madonna used Kabbalah to steal her man

#0000ff">Kab for Ritchie

 Kabbalah exposed:

A Mother Experiences the KLC

The great Kabbalah con exposed

Kabbalah Dizzy Madonna Treks to Israel

She just follows everyone else.

In '84 I thought her #ff6666">Borderline tune was cute.  A year later she was in Desperately Seeking Susan and I thought her #cc33ff">Into The Groove was a cute dance song.

That was about it.  I did have respect in that she pulled herself up from rags to riches.  But now I realize it is clear she made it by how she conducts her self...and...  how she conducted herself then is simply why she is able to maintain her starpower today. 

Her formula for being famous and rich never changed.

I got sick of her very soon and quickly when she gave swartzkopf the sexual salute on stage for his "heroism" in Iraq.   And I was completely done with any admiration for her when her Truth Or Dare pornograpy collection came out.

And I thank God I never bought anything she churned out.  At that time I was really working like a slave and I didn't feel like squandering my money on music...even music I liked.

Hmmm...I wonder why Ritchie is finished with Kabbalah?  Sure wish he'd come out in the open about that.  But he won't. 


#333399">The Whinehouse video has been removed and so was that extra link you provided.

#333399">What next, eh?


Amy Winehouse makes list

of worst hotel guests

Amy Winehouse is one of the world's worst hotel guests, according to a list compiled by

It seems that after Amy stayed at London's Riverbank Plaza Hotel her room was found littered with bottles and cigarette butts, while liquor had seeped into the upholstery and dirty underwear covered the floor. And the bath had turned black after Winehouse dyed her hair in it. Also, "Staff at St. Lucia's Jade Mountain Resort searched Winehouse's room on a daily basis for contraband after fellow guests complained of 'funny smells' emanating from her suite."

And "only a week earlier she and her husband... emerged bloodied and bruised from their room at the Sanderson Hotel, after other guests heard loud crashes and bangs. Most memorably, though, just before her messy performance at the 2007 MTV Europe Music Awards, she tossed a plate of pasta Bolognese at the wall of her Munich hotel room and then cut up the carpet while members of her entourage -- and the usually unflappable Snoop Dogg, who had come by to say hello at this very inopportune moment -- watched in horror." Continued...


Now there's amy shiteous wannabees. it's 100% deliberate, the corporats making money, whilst destroying society.

..i guess the joos want their money back from the child-porn sTARs; enter kosher drugs n' alcohol, and we've a 'miracle on 34th street': the second video title.

Now there's amy shiteous wannabees. it's 100% deliberate, the corporats making money, whilst destroying society.

..i guess the joos want their money back from the child-porn sTARs; enter kosher drugs n' alcohol, and we've a 'miracle on 34th street': the second video title.

Although in her defense the photo with the white powder in her nose was done by someone in photoshop, I've ran across it a few times before. She's taking shots in front of children, taking as many drugs as possible and making money off being an example of what we shouldn't be in the world. I have a theory though, maybe if we just ignore her and stop criticizing her online she'll go away. Publicity is publicity so if we stop poking fun or listening to the latest gossip she'll just disappear off the face of the earth and none of us will ever be subjected to her again.

Narconon Vista Bay

I think that some of the footage that we have of Amy, whether it be totally sloshed, on drugs are passed out from a long couple days of partying we seem to only see one side of her, the side that is only always messed up. I hope that she can get her life together.

Narconon Vista Bay

Crypto Joos can do anything they want and get away with it. Totally slap in the face, sigh

Madonna has reportedly introduced her Brazilian model lover Jesus Luz to her children in New York this weekend.

4 February 2009
Madonna has reportedly introduced her Brazilian model lover Jesus Luz to her children.

The ‘Miles Away’ singer was spotted dining with the 22-year old hunk in New York’s Macelleria Italian Steakhouse over the weekend along with two of her children – Lourdes, 12, and adopted David, three.

A source said: “The chemistry was fizzing between Madonna and Jesus and Lourdes seemed interested to get to know him.”

After the meal, Madonna took Lourdes and David shopping, and Lourdes – the singer’s daughter from a previous relationship with fitness trainer Carlos Leon – was seen trying on several designer items of clothing.

Madonna, 50, met Jesus in December when they were paired up for a photo shoot for US fashion magazine W. She was said to be so attracted to the model she invited him to accompany her on a string of dates for her ‘Sticky and Sweet’ world tour. They were then photographed after a dinner date in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Since meeting Madonna, Jesus’ modelling profile has received a massive boost. He has switched agencies and the fees he can command have increased.

A source told Brazilian fashion website Glamurama: “He has started asking for $135,000 a show. He did the same job last year for a lot less.

“A lot of people are contacting him but because he keeps raising his rates, they are changing their minds.”

Reports of Madonna ‘s liaison will come as a further blow to her estranged husband Guy Ritchie, who last week lost in his custody battle to keep the two sons the couple raise - David and Rocco, eight - with him in England.

A source added: “It would have hurt Guy to have seen this new sexy model moving in on his family.”

Madonna has also been linked with baseball player Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez since announcing her split from Guy after nearly eight years of marriage in October last year.


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