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Is Obama's mother Jewish?

This article in Judicial Inc makes it seem so. If those really are his grandparents that are shown there they definately look Jewish, & his mother looks pretty Jewish. If so, that would mean that Obama is a Jew under Jewish law. Could this be a reason why he's been selected to be the Democratic nominee & from the looks of things probably the president in '08? & if it is true, why has this information evaded the attention of even the anti-Zionist movement?

This article from the Huffington Post is also interesting. It refers to Obama as the 'first Jewish president' seemingly in jest, but then a person makes a remark in the comments section asking if Obama actually could be refered to as Jewish since his mother is of Jewish lineage.


It's possible, but if he could make that claim you'd think he would've by now, in his rush to kiss Jewish arse. Dunham sounds distinctly Anglo, and it's actually a small town in England, but his mother could have Jewish blood.

So the easily visible people in the spotlight don't appear Jewish I guess. His grandparents definately look Jewish to me, espescially his grandmom. Check out her nose in that picture. It doesn't appear to be edited even though Judicial do that sometimes to make their noses look bigger & their appearence uglier, but in this case I don't think so. His grandfather resembles Henry Kissinger slightly. Anyway I hope they're not. I wish it wasn't even an issue but obviously it is, considering that it would explain why Obama outted himself as an even bigger Zionist shill than once thought in front of AIPAC recently.

On the basis of your arguement i may be a Jew of some crypto variety, i do have a rather prominent honker after all... Offer evidence, not Zionist tinged tactic of smear by allusion.. As Rev Wright is an outspoken anti-Zionist i find it highly unlikely that Barack Obama is an Israeli spy, or whatever it is you are suggesting.

Evidence... gimme meat

"Uncle Tom" grovels before the AIPAC BORG Hive

 Do you need more than that?

...isn't enough.

My compilation - 10 min

Barack Obama at June 4, 2008 AIPAC conference - 37 minutes

Prepare to bring out the barf bag. This man is a male prostitite who sells the nation's dignity for petty political favors.


strongly object to the hooked nose theory, though.

i sport one myself - it's common among semites - arabs and jews.

in the end, it doesn't matter if he's jewish. what matters is he supports israel.


"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

I don't believe I have a drop of Semitic (Arab or Jew) heritage in blood. I'm 50% Irish, 25% German and 25% English.

My mother had a hooked nose. Both of us had rhinophasty when we were young, at around 18 years old.

The reason we had surgery was because like my mother, I was "mocked" for my hooked nose in high school. It's a self-image issue that we've put the past behind.

So, not every "white" (Causasian) person who have a hooked nose is a Jew. They seem to always presume this, hatefully xenophobic Neo-Nazis included.

Like this for example:

To the poster who said that, Judicial Inc. did, & then I found a comment in the Huffington Post web site saying the same thing. That's why I posted the thread in the form of a question rather than a statement.

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