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The Post EOWN Removed. Here It Is Again.

 No,   Let the comments stand.  Let them be read and noted.  I have taken nothing out.  I have not added anything in.

  The last comments after Joe2  could not be saved because this was the way the page was standing.  I unwittingly did not update, thereafter. 

So Let It Be.   I thought long and hard about putting this back up.  If QRS wants to remove it, it is her call.


Jewish "Shock Artist" Disgusts Potential Jurors and Own Defense Attorney
The Associated Press
Tuesday, June 10, 2008; 9:46 PM
LOS ANGELES -- What violates community obscenity standards in the nation's reputed pornography capital? Federal prosecutors think they have a case.
Ira Isaacs readily admits he produced and sold movies depicting bestiality and sexual activity involving feces and urine. The judge warned potential jurors that the hours of fetish videos included violence against women, and many of them said they don't want to serve because watching would make them sick to their stomachs.
"It's the most extreme material that's ever been put on trial. I don't know of anything more disgusting," said Roger Jon Diamond--Isaacs' own defense attorney.
The case is the most visible effort of a new federal task force designed to crack down on smut in America. Isaacs, however, says his work is an extreme but constitutionally protected form of art.
"There's no question the stuff is disgusting," said Diamond, who has spent much of his career representing pornographers. "The question is should we throw people in jail for it?"
Isaacs, 57, a Los Angeles advertising agency owner who says he used to market fine art in commercial projects, calls himself a "shock artist" and says he went into distributing and producing films about fetishes because "I wanted to do something extreme."
"I'm fighting for art," he said in an interview before his federal trial got under way. "Art is on trial."
He plans to testify as his own expert witness and said he will cite the historic battles over obscenity involving authors James Joyce and D.H. Lawrence.
One of his exhibits, he said, will be a picture of famed artist Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain," a porcelain urinal signed by the artist in 1917.
Diamond said Isaacs also will tell jurors the works have therapeutic value for people with the same fetishes depicted on screen.
"They don't feel so isolated," Diamond said. "They have fetishes that other people have."
Isaacs makes a brief appearance in one of the videos he produced; others that he distributed were imported from other countries.
The business has been lucrative. At one point, he has said, he was selling 1,000 videos a month at $30 apiece. Then his office was raided by FBI agents who bought his videos online with undercover credit cards.
The government obtained an indictment against Isaacs on a variety of obscenity charges, including importation or transportation of obscene material for sale. Prosecutors have declined to comment about the case.
Jean Rosenbluth, a former federal prosecutor and law professor at University of Southern California, said such prosecutions were rare until the creation of the U.S. Department of Justice Obscenity Prosecution Task Force. Child pornography cases are handled by a separate unit.
"The problem with obscenity is no one really knows what it is," she said. "It's relatively simple to paint something as an artistic effort even if it's offensive."
The test of obscenity still hinges on a 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling which held that a work is not legally obscene if it has "literary, artistic, political or scientific value."
Jurors also are asked to determine whether the material in question violates standards of what is acceptable to the community at large.
"This task force was quite controversial and many in the Department of Justice felt that it was a waste of resources," Rosenbluth said. "Because of the pressure, they seem to have chosen the worst cases they can find to prosecute."
Each of the four counts against Isaacs carries a five-year maximum prison sentence. Prosecutors also are seeking forfeiture of assets obtained through his video sales. Two of the original six counts were dropped.
"A lot of this is about sending a message _ `Don't make this stuff. Don't put it on the Internet. We don't want it here,'" Rosenbluth said.
Rosenbluth said prosecutors would be emboldened to pursue similar cases if Isaacs is convicted, though there would be lengthy challenges on appeal.
In an unusual twist, the trial is being presided over by the chief judge of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Alex Kozinski, under a program that allows appellate judges to occasionally handle criminal trials at the District Court level. Kozinski is known as a strong defender of free speech and First Amendment rights.
Eight men and six women were chosen for the jury Tuesday. Two will be designated alternates later. The panel was to hear opening statements Wednesday before viewing the movies.
When jury selection began Monday, he urged prospects to be open about their opinions and incurred an onslaught of negative statements. Within the first hour, he dismissed 26 men and women who said they could not be fair to the defendant because they were repulsed by the subject matter. By day's end, half the panel of 100 had been excused.
"I think watching something like that would make me physically ill, nauseous," said one woman. "It's affecting me physically now just thinking about it."
One man fired angry comments at the ponytailed Isaacs.
"Hearing stuff about feces made me sick and the defendant looks like my ex-business partner who did some of these things. He looks guilty as sin to me," said the man. "It turns my stomach thinking about it."
Several prospects marched up to the judge's bench for private conferences when he told them that the films also involved violence against women. They, too, were excused, as were several who cited their religious beliefs.
Asked how long they would have to watch the movies, Kozinski told them it would be about five hours and "I will be there watching with you. This is part of the job we're doing."
(This version CORRECTS description of Duchamp artwork.)
© 2008 The Associated Press
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I saw this in the news and considered commenting on it.
Let’s remember that many people buy this Jew’s “products.” American peasants are so hopeless, depressed, and cynical that the only thrill they have left is to indulge in ever-deeper levels of sewage. They can’t climb toward the Light, so they amuse themselves by journeying into the Dark.
They need counter-messages.
Abdul Alhazred | Wed, 2008-06-11 23:40
This is the result of many years of sophistry by judges on the Supreme Court, twisting the principle of free speech to allow unfettered publication of filth and depravity.
Thankfully, the response that it evoked from one of the potential jurors continues to represent how a majority of Americans and people around the world feel about this kind of garbage, notwithstanding the sophisticated legal arguments used in its defense:
One man fired angry comments at the ponytailed Isaacs.
"Hearing stuff about feces made me sick and the defendant looks like my ex-business partner who did some of these things. He looks guilty as sin to me," said the man. "It turns my stomach thinking about it."
I wonder who his ex-business partner was...
"Money" has no value - people do.
qrswave | Thu, 2008-06-12 07:04
Did you hear about this?
Today Alex Kozinski, 57, chief judge of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, suspended the trial after the Los Angeles Times reported he had obscene photos and videos on his own Web site (not his home computer; his public web site).
According to the Times, the photos and videos included a "half-dressed man cavorting with a sexually aroused farm animal.” One photo depicted women as cows.  Another series of photos is a graphic step-by-step pictorial in which a woman is seen shaving her pubic hair. There were also themes of defecation and urination – all stuff that Ira Issacs is accused of trafficking in for fun and profit.
Kozinski, 57, said he thought the site was for his private storage. He claimed he didn’t know the images on a public web site could be seen by the public, although he also said he had shared some material on the site with “friends.”  He said he must have “accidentally” uploaded the images to his server while intending to upload something else.
After he was exposed, he admitted the images were “degrading and just gross,” and blocked public access to the site. ( )
He indicated to attorneys he would be willing to recuse himself from the trial, but he warned them that the trial had already begun, and jurors had already seen two of the graphic movies of bestiality and extreme fetishes.
(Such as those on Kozinski's own web site. Why can't the prosecutors move for a new judge? If they don't, then what's the point of this trial?)
Kozinski is an appellate judge, but he was assigned to oversee the trial in U.S. District Court in Pasadena CA under a program in which appellate judges occasionally handle criminal trials at the district court level.
(Gee I wonder how that happened?)
Kozinski is a strong defender of free speech and First Amendment rights.
(Except when it come to questioning the holo-hoax, israeli atrocities, Jewish supremacism, and militant homosexuality.) 
Abdul Alhazred | Thu, 2008-06-12 08:07
The sexually explicit material on Kozinski's site earlier this week was extensive, including images of masturbation, public sex and contortionist sex. There was a slide show striptease featuring a transsexual, and a folder that contained a series of photos of women's crotches as seen through snug fitting clothing or underwear. There were also themes of defecation and urination, though they are not presented in a sexual context.

Kozinski, who was named chief judge of the 9th Circuit last year, is considered a judicial conservative on most issues. He was appointed to the federal bench by then-President Ronald Reagan in 1985. He has a national reputation for a brilliant legal mind and has developed a reputation as a champion of the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and expression. Several years ago, for example, after learning that appeals court administrators had placed filters on computers that denied access to pornography and other materials, Kozinski led a successful effort to have the filters removed.

Did you see how many comments the story garnered? 472 and counting...
Some "justice" system - it's headed by a bunch of pervs!
And this guy is supposed to be "conservative???"
My ass.
"Money" has no value - people do.
qrswave | Thu, 2008-06-12 08:16
This goes far beyond obscenity issues.  If a federal judge who traffics in certain materials is assigned to a trial in which the defendent is accused of trafficking in the same materials, then what does that say about our federal court system?
Might we infer that if a defendant is accused of dealing drugs, for example, his fate depends on whether the judge also deals drugs?
Kazinski claims he was assignd to the trial by "sheer chance." Right.
He has mocked the "justice" system, and should be sumarily disbarred.
Abdul Alhazred | Thu, 2008-06-12 08:27
..i don't support this type of behaviour in the slightest; keep in mind that the crimes that were committed are against children and animals, because the women were paid to be beaten, children in pornos are of course ILLEGAL, and animals cannot give consent.
As for the grossness of people's fetishes, what are we to do about it? KILL them because we aren't like them? That would be worse. If they get away with an inquisition, which is very unlikely because the 'jews' are in power, then what's next?
The judge obviously did that on purpose, to scuttle the trial.
How interesting that he was allowed to preside over this case, when he's biased. I'm not so sure that he's a pervert of anything but justice, because his fellow talmudi.. isaacs committed crimes against children, did he not?
Grim Reaper | Thu, 2008-06-12 08:43
Somebody has a copy of that Judges website. What is really cute is that he has even managed to purge the wayback machine. This guy can be shamed off the bench if we can get that link.
They don't belong here, but let's see if we can find a link. I'm sure your already on it.
Claymoremind | Thu, 2008-06-12 10:17
Claymoremind | Thu, 2008-06-12 10:29
Try running those sublinks thru this.  It's in there somewhere!
Claymoremind | Thu, 2008-06-12 10:32
I’ve been busy with other things, but I notice that judge Alex Kozinski is in major damage-control mode, realizing he may have ruined his career. For example, very negative information about him at the web site “Judicial Watch” has suddenly been removed.
Kozinski, a Romanian Jew of Polish heritage born in Bucharest, claims that his parents were holo-hoax “survivors.” He’s a frequent visitor to the Big Sky Ranch in Montana, a notorious place for Jewish orgies.
That and several other items have been redacted from his 2006 financial disclosure report.
In fact, all his financial disclosure reports are heavily redacted.
Kozinski is now saying that he didn’t load up his web site with porn; his son did.
I’ve only had a couple of minutes to search, but here’s something he wrote to the New York Times that reveals how he sees himself....
The following is an e-mail from Judge Alex Kozinski to Article III Groupie.
Dear A3G: I must say that I'm severely disappointed in the slate of candidates you have fielded for your Judicial Hottie contest. While I think the list of female candidates is excellent, the list of male candidates is, frankly, lacking. And what it's lacking is me.
Sure, John Roberts and Jeff Sutton are young and extremely handsome, but so what? I have it on very good authority that discerning females and gay men find graying, pudgy, middle-aged men with an accent close to Gov. Schwarzenegger's almost totally irresistible.
So I nominate myself.
Yes, I know, the nomination period ostensibly ended last Friday, but my nomination falls within the penumbra of the rule, so I say it's timely. You will doubtless find any number of opinions written by me that say filing periods must be strictly construed, but I was writing for the Ninth Circuit, and you know what that means.
Here are the arguments in support of my nomination:
I am the only Article III judge to have appeared on the Dating Game--and I was on twice. I even won once, and I have the tape to prove it.
(See a snippet from the Dating game here, and watch how Kozinski kisses the girl, making her feel very uncomfortable. She later stood him up…
I had my own photo-spread in George Magazine, with lots of sexy pictures of me jumping. This was a few years back, but I've only gotten cuter with age.
• I also had a photo-spread in Snow Country Magazine, mostly pictures of me snowboarding. I am, in fact, an authority on snowboarding, as the attached article will prove. And snowboarders are, by definition, hotties.
• I recently co-presided at a very swank wedding at the Larchmont Yacht Club--a club so exclusive it probably wouldn't admit me as a member--which was reported in the New York Times and discussed in great detail on a very prestigious weblog.
• I wrote the screenplay for the blockbuster Schwarzenegger movie, Total Recall. Well, not really, but I came mighty close: (Read esp. pp. 1301-02, but the whole thing is worth a read if you can bill it to a client.)
(He gives a link to the movie script in .pdf format, but the link doesn’t work.. )
• I was a recent cover boy for Legal Affairs Magazine
I often hang out with that other judicial babe magnet, Stephen Reinhardt (I'm the one with the goofy sweater and the suave pocket pen.)
• I cut a dashing figure in court:
• I bear an uncanny resemblance to Moses, of Old Testament fame:
• I have my own fan Web page
• I write a mean dissent
• I bungee jump:
I know that that the voting is already well underway, so that adding my name to the list will put me at a disadvantage in collecting votes, yet somehow I feel that if I can make it onto the list, even at this late date, I might still have a chance, if only a small one, of being selected as among the top 3 male judicial super-hotties.
I anxiously await your response.
Kozinski, who builds computers for fun, logged onto their computer terminals without a password, gleeful about having rigged it to bypass court security.
Kozinski told me about Karl May, the 19th-century pulp fiction writer whose many books Kozinski has read in German. 'Hitler was a big fan,' he said archly.
Kozinski takes his law clerks paintballing and snowboarding. He has written video game reviews for The Wall Street Journal. Six pet chickens have the run of his property in the beachfront community of Palos Verdes where he lives. He gives surplus eggs as gifts, and he names which chicken (Veronica or Heckle) laid each one.
My grandfather David Kozinski was a scoundrel and a bootlegger. He was also a philanderer who neglected his wife and three children, unless it was to beat them. His criminal activities got into trouble with the law in the Polish village of Dzurov (now Dzurovia, Ukraine), and fled to Romania in the early '30s, leaving behind his wife, Reizl, and his four children, Ruth, Lisa, Moses, and Malka,.
I got an invitation from Damion Seraglio Bond--a pseudonym. The Location: Gatsby's Rendezvous by the Sea, "the house that all of Malibu deems the scandalous haven of sleepless nights." The Event is Damion Bond’s Fourth Annual Pajama and Lingerie Party. Inside, a few revelers are milling about, much like at any party, except they're in pajamas, robes, and teddies. A few men are wearing women's makeup and lingerie. A squad of Israeli security guards patrols the premises and enforces the rules.
One lady appears in a black leather bondage outfit; handcuffs hang from her belt. She carries a coiled whip. I'm at a pajama costume party, sort of a sleepover for adults, but with no sleeping allowed.
Kozinski amuses himself in restaurants by blowing the cover off straws as far as he can.
Abdul Alhazred | Thu, 2008-06-12 16:36
aside from the fact that this loser sounds like he might be the most self-absorbed egomaniac on the bench - which mind you is a tough call - is this:
(Read esp. pp. 1301-02, but the whole thing is worth a read if you can bill it to a client.)
To say something like this, even in jest, is just about as unethical as you can get as a law officer charged with the utmost fiduciary duty to his clients.
In essence, what this says is that to him the whole system is a joke, to be gamed for your own personal advantage and gratification.
And this man is Chief Judge of the 9th Circuit?
I hope he loses his job over this scandal.
"Money" has no value - people do.
qrswave | Thu, 2008-06-12 17:29
I think that creatures of the night like that, are a bad part of the reason the system is in such a shambles! The 'judiciary' is supposed to be a check against political power, but has definately become part of the problem. Aren't these bastards appointed anyways?
Another check is supposed to be a free media, with free speech; and we know how much the 'jews' believe in free speech for all! (of them maybe)
I think someone who makes statements like that, has committed many crimes and gotten away with them, otherwise it wouldn't have that kind of attitude! Let alone the ultimate selfishness and depravity it takes to make an entity like that in the first place. I think goofs like that are deliberately put into positions of power, so as to mask the others from scrutiny; being the chamelions they are.
Grim Reaper | Thu, 2008-06-12 20:38
Jews are Jews are Jews in my view. So few escape my wrath. The reason I posted this was because it dovetails what you and I posted recently about Adi's defaced art and that other piece that was torn by a Jewish security guard because "he didn't like it." Simply unreal the Jewish world we live in. Did you hear that a Jewish lawyer was penetrated by his Arabian stallion and killed (a movie was made about it called The Zoo I believe)? Who in the Lord's name wants to have a horse's pen in their butt? And now there's a Jewish homosexual man who wants to legalize animal-human sexual relations. I think this will be taken all the way to bestiality on prime time, maybe even on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. All one can do is take their boob-tube and throw it in the trashcan. Boycott and ignore.
Ehud Olmerts Wo... | Fri, 2008-06-13 01:52
& if being Jewish is like being retarded or something, in that it's something that they can't help. But unlike white supremacists I don't see a significant problem with any other races, as far as their evil & sickness exceeding the other ones disproportionately. Only Jews for some reason.
Infinite | Fri, 2008-06-13 04:24
'jew' is a culture or religion, NOT A RACE.
As for homos, that is caused by IN-BREEDING.
And racism? it's actually stupidity, hatred and jealousy.
'nuff said.
Grim Reaper | Fri, 2008-06-13 05:27
Neo-nazism and Black Power are in fact two products of the Jewish psyche. Jews, after all, are the ones to have coined the term "racism" and they are the ones who promote real hatred of other races. No one else is like Jewry--no one. They may be deluded idiots and bigots, but no one compares with the hatred and depravity of the Jewish vermin, Grimm. No one.
To Coz,
You're the only "twat" I see on this blog. Go stick it in a Jew's fanny why don't ya? That's where you belong you little crotch.
Ehud Olmerts Wo... | Fri, 2008-06-13 11:37
Don't worry about morons such as CoZ.
They're insects that crave attention, even if it's negative attention. 
Or, as others have phrased it, "Please don't feed the trolls."
Abdul Alhazred | Fri, 2008-06-13 12:33

Don't worry about morons such as CoZ.

They're insects that crave attention, even if it's negative attention.

It's interesting that you'd refer to me as a "moron" in a conversation with the author of such idiocy as this:
Coz, STFU stick-twat

Your dick is just a protruding, external cunt, so piss off. Go fold your uncut stick-pussy sheath and have Latin lick off the smegma underneath. Oy vey! That's Shalom Bernanke style. Clearly you like stick-pussy and ass. Tee hee hee. So go get some, mein Jude.

and this:
Go stick it in a Jew's fanny why don't ya? That's where you belong you little crotch.
Actually, if I remember correctly AZ - and I do - you've melodramatically stormed off from this blog in huffy at least twice due to language that you believe belonged in the "sewer", only to shamelessly return under a different name. And the language in question was nowhere near as filthy and Jewish as the shit that comes out of Ehud Olmert's Wet Dream, who you seem to adore so much.
Maybe I'm a "moron" because you're embarrassed about being called out on this. "Insect" that "craves attention".. what a narcissistic dickhead.
Crimes of Zion | Fri, 2008-06-13 16:22
emma....what possesses you to say such junk? Why so depraved and sick in your response to COZ?  You talk worse than a zionist jew, a lot like a street punk. 
And why, abdul alhazred,  are you encouraging it?  Why are you stooping so low?   I thought you were "bored" by such talk.  Didn't you say so? 
I thought you told Quasimodo [back in September, I believe] that you would leave WUFYS if you ever saw fellow bloggers tearing each other down with such language?  And you are really not ignoring anyone abdul alhazred, you are making  stabs that only encourage more comments your way.
nobody wants anyone to leave. 
emma!  You need to CLEAN UP YOUR MOUTH.
Rhiannon | Fri, 2008-06-13 19:09
Being guilty of the occasional foul-mouthing of bankers and zionists (one and the same?), it's hard for me to cast stones.
But, the comments I've seen on this and similar threads cross the line.
First of all, you're lashing out against the wrong people - we're all on the same side.
Second, they accomplish nothing but make WUFYS look bad.
"Money" has no value - people do.
qrswave | Fri, 2008-06-13 19:16
CoZ spews all manner of filth, accusing EOWN of wanting to copulate with Hitler, calling me a "wanker" etc etc etc---and you attack EOWN. 
These individuals must be laughing as they read your comment, knowing the filth they wrote, and knowing you regard them as innocent.
emma....what possesses you to say such junk? Why so depraved and sick in your response to COZ?  You talk worse than a zionist jew, a lot like a street punk. 
Perhaps you saw one comment from EOWN and made a judgment accordingly, not being unaware of the absolute filth thrown out by CoZ over the last few weeks. NoboBlabby even insulted by dying mother.
And why, abdul alhazred, are you encouraging it?  Why are you stooping so low?   I thought you were "bored" by such talk.  Didn't you say so? 
I encouraged EOWN to not respond to endless insults thrown at EOWN. Perhaps the meaning of the image I attached was not clear. And yes, I am bored by such talk.
 And you are really not ignoring anyone abdul alhazred, you are making stabs that only encourage more comments your way. 
Again you see one comment from me, intended to encourage EOWN not to respond to insults – a comment in which I do not name individuals – and you impugn me. 
I thought you told Quasimodo [back in September, I believe] that you would leave WUFYS if you ever saw fellow bloggers tearing each other down with such language? 
This particular quip reveals a lot about you, and about how you see me. You impugn me because I am still here? Wow. Thanks for clarifying your position. 
I wish you had done that before -- but then, such clarifications take time, given the circumstances.
Abdul Alhazred | Fri, 2008-06-13 20:41
I see that I did mention CoZ in my previous comment.
Apologies to CoZ for the error.
Abdul Alhazred | Fri, 2008-06-13 20:44
"NoboBlabby even insulted by dying mother."
You're full o' shit.
Nobodaddy | Fri, 2008-06-13 20:45
We are talking about the sick comments – the depraved and over-the-top filth which emma spewed at COZ. 
Nobody in the history of WUFYS has ever splattered such smut like this on the blog before.  No one!  And it was the worst comment I have seen anyone make in all history of comments.
The “copulation” of Hitler stuff is in the PAST and that has already been NOTED. And it was taken care of.   I was such one person in defense of Emma. Perhaps YOU have forgotten.
Abdul’s childish schoolyard rant: “These individuals must be laughing as they read your comment, knowing the filth they wrote, and knowing you regard them as innocent.”
I see! And so YOU impugn ME of something that was not in my words nor in my intention. But you can read minds. Bully for you! 
Nobodaddy insulting your mother was NOTED!   And I responded accordingly. Perhaps YOU have forgotten! That is ALSO in the past.
 YOU say……”I encouraged EOWN to not respond to endless insults thrown at EOWN. Perhaps the meaning of the image I attached was not clear. And yes, I am bored by such talk.”
No…you did not. You called COZ an insect and a moron! You could have emailed emma and told her  to ignore them instead of going on the blog and making your personal thoughts  PUBLIC!   Knowing FULL WELL that Coz and Nobodaddy would respond. You did that on purpose and yes you are bored which is WHY you did that on purpose.
Rhiannon | Fri, 2008-06-13 21:15
Your comments show why I "bowed out" in the past -- and I don't mean from this blog. 
When I declined to pursue that matter further, you e-mailed vile insults at me, as you well recall. I ignored them and moved on. Now, like the other children here, you continue with your nastiness.
Thanks for further justifying my choice in that previous matter.
Abdul Alhazred | Fri, 2008-06-13 21:32
"Nobodaddy insulting your mother was NOTED!"
 As I even told you at the time Rhiannon, you noted wrong: I did not insult his mother at any time. I suggest you go back and re-read that whole exchange.. you jumped in to to defend the wrong people because of some blind and peculiar feminine bias-- that's the only way I could (and do) perceive it.
Nobodaddy | Fri, 2008-06-13 21:37
whoa.........I emailed you vile insults?
HAH!  In your dreams sweet boy.  In your dreams.
Which ones were those? 
Rhiannon | Fri, 2008-06-13 21:41
Btw, that's typical Ehud and AZ lies and banter-- amazing it's taken you this long to note it.
Nobodaddy | Fri, 2008-06-13 21:42
To clarify, after being attacked and insulted by AZ for no very good reason, I said something to her to the effect of "have fun watching NASCAR and whacking off in your mother's basement"; which is when you jumped in to inform me that her mother was dying. All I said then was "that's too bad-- we're all dying, &c."-- which is true: but indeed I would have done much better simply to wish her well, which I do.. it seems to me that she has problems enough, &c.
Nobodaddy | Fri, 2008-06-13 21:51
.. and in perfect truth, I'd like to see the whole thing drop, and everybody kiss and make up-- as far as that is reasonable and/or possible. I even wish those two well, as well.. and hope that they amend and learn how to be honest (which is the most that I can wish for myself).
Nobodaddy | Fri, 2008-06-13 21:58
Thanks Nobo....I see the light now.....but please  no more comments.   Judging from abdul comments which reveal his hatred for women, it is clear that the lies he is going on about me sending him vile emails is absurd at best.  Hmmmm.  Wow.  Given the circumstances is amazing what one will stoop to try to discredit another blogger [in that case ME] and make that blogger look like something from....hmmmmmm  FATAL ATTRACTION?????
HAH!  [and all sorts of evil laughter!]
My dearest against zionism, thx1138, and now this abdul alhazred.  How I had such respect for you.  And now it is in the toilet.
C'mon, abdul....let's see how much lower you can go?  Bring it on!  What did I say in emails to you that were so vile? 
Rhiannon | Fri, 2008-06-13 21:59
I could reprint those e-mails here, (especially your final zinger) but that would violate your privacy, the trolls would love it, and you would throw out desperate rationalizations.
How far do you want to go with this? Shall I start posting personal photos of you?
I recommend you stand down. I'm not threatening you. I merely ask that you regain your balance, and not take this any further.
Abdul Alhazred | Fri, 2008-06-13 22:03
Go it.
Show me what I have suspected all along.  That you hate women so much that you would go to such depths.
Do it.
Rhiannon | Fri, 2008-06-13 22:05
very wrong.....
What will you do?  Doctor up a photo of a picture I sent you with me holding my nephew Adam?
What are you gonna do?  Take off  my clothes with your fancy photoshop techniques?
Wow.....old blogger friend.  Gonna dig yourself into a grave of such hatred because I threw some criticism your way on this blog and you can't take it?
Gonna make me out into a "Glenn Close"?  Eh?
Do it.  Let's see how creative you really are.
Rhiannon | Fri, 2008-06-13 22:12
I don't really "know" anybody on this blog.  I would pass you on the street unrecognized.  But having read so many interesting posts, I have come to an understanding of you, and I can start to predict how others on this post are going to respond.  So even though I don't know any of you, I like you. 
I understand what it is like to read something and get angry and frustrated.  And I have gotten frustrated on this blog and written things that I shouldn't have, and I've regretted that.  I've continued to read posts by people who upset me, and time and God have made me forget my anger and frustration.  I can read once more with detachment and understanding.
I say all this just to encourage you to take a step and see that the other person is not all bad.  They have many really good qualities.  A lot of our readers are highly intelligent, critical thinkers.  But I think we are also very sensitive and our feelings are easily hurt.  And when we hurt, we lash out and we hurt the other, and on it goes.  I'm not pointing fingers, because I've done it all too many times.   
"Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly."
Christopher Marlowe | Fri, 2008-06-13 22:36
I appreciate your calm and soothing comment.
I once respected a certain blogger - thx1138/against zionism/abdul alhazred......not anymore.  All respect is finished.
That photo of me I sent him is a picture of me and my nephew Adam at his first birthday party.     That was in early November 2007.  I sent him no other picture.
This is so  scary that he would talk this way....and lie so badly about me and to threaten putting up "many" pictures of me and to possibley put up emails of what what I didn't say.  Simply there is something very wrong. 
Yeah...nobodaddy.  Just shoot me for being a woman.  Or perhaps abdul alhazred would like to shoot me?
Rhiannon | Fri, 2008-06-13 22:57
Upon re-reading my comment I realize that I made the grave  mistake of declaring my umbrella agreement with Rhiannon, without qualifying it. In fact, I cannot agree with what she said about AZ's comments because I didn't read any of the ones she refers to.
Also, her comparison of EOWN's comments to those made by a zionist jew is not how I would characterize it, given their penchant for murder, hypocrisy, lying, and overall barbarity.
Basically, I meant to agree with the title of her comment "It's getting out of hand......WAY out of hand!"
To be clear, I think both sides (CoZ and EOWN) are guilty of posting over-the-line comments. Though I admit I did not read all the comments and cannot comment either on "whose is worse" or on "who started it."
I should have been more careful with my choice of words. Being in the unenviable position of having started this blog, my words -- especially those that are critical of comments made by other contributors -- are often taken with more sensitivity than they should be.
Just so you know, like Chris Marlowe, I know very few of the readers here at WUFYS, but I too like you all very much. I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you continue to share with other readers your thoughts and your knowledge.
I only meant to say that in general attacking each other is counterproductive.
We all get frustrated sometimes when someone else disagrees with our positions -- especially ones we feel very strongly about.
The best approach is to point out what you think is the flaw in the other person's position and put some distance between yourself and the controversy. Like Chris said, after some time passes, chances are you won't feel the same about it.
"Money" has no value - people do.
qrswave | Fri, 2008-06-13 22:59
You mistinterpreted AZ - When he asked if he should post personal pics of you, I think he meant it as a rhetorical question and knowing him personally I can't imagine that he meant it in any way that is lewd or otherwise inappropriate.
It seems to me that he meant to communicate that the content of personal communications should be confined to the venue of personal communications. Nothing more.
You and AZ have a lot in common and would benefit greatly from continuing an amicable and respectful relationship. You both should try not to misinterpret what the other has to say.
Be more forgiving. In short, cut each other some slack.
"Money" has no value - people do.
qrswave | Fri, 2008-06-13 23:07
Please pardon my presumption for speaking out on this pornographic issue one more time, but I would like to point out (to my certain knowledge, and as the record will reflect) that CoZ is the person most unjustifiably wronged in this instance, and whose words and deeds have been most utterly misrepresented-- by both az and eown. And that's all I'd like or need to say about that.
Nobodaddy | Fri, 2008-06-13 23:36
I think Satan's lurking(whispering bad thoughts)around WUFY'S today. You guys are wonderful intelligent people that bring light and truth everyday. i really admire almost everyone's work here. You guys are bigger then me. NOW EVERYONE(click play)all together now
joe2 | Fri, 2008-06-13 23:48


Well. Far be it for me to become so disgusted with the ongoing smut of EOWN. I am sick of it. I have been consistent. Not just at wufys but on many blogs.

I always call people on their profanity. I called on several bloggers here and I have confronted EOWN 3 times, the first one here.

So this was not the first time I got after her.

ALSO…I have defended EOWN many times for her comments and posts. Don’t dare say that I haven’t, especially of the one where she admires Hitler’s looks and COZ goes overboard by claiming she wants to f**k Hitler.

I have defended her many times! I have admired her work. I even sent her an email with nothing but great compliments and appreciation of her research.

Forget it.

Maybe I should just use smut all over the place and who really cares?


I hadn't seen any of this. The last I saw of this thread was my own comment.

All I have to say is that I don't believe for one second that Rhiannon sent any "vile emails", and thanks Nobo for your comment.

Thanks for reconstituting the post, Rhiannon.

I was not inviting abdul alhazred to leave the blog when I brought up his conversation with Quasimodo. Perhaps a lot of people don’t remember but this was smack in the middle of the DBS / Huffsmid / Bollyns fiasco. 

I remember the conversation well because Quasi had stated he was a Sagittarian….and I was kicking myself because I always thought that he was [and I always wanted to ask him if he was] He talked like one. He had such brilliance and quick – clever comments which I always admired about him. I remember exactly Quasi saying he wished that he could have traveled, like abdul had.

Abdul alhazred said he would leave if fellow bloggers started tearing each other apart. 
I am making a point!
 I am not inviting him to leave. Not at all. I am saying that he, himself should remain consistent.    Forgive me for being a shrew, a scathing cow. That’s what I have been all along, I see.
NOW….I will Step Down
In the long run you win, abdul. You are the winner, and you always were. Not being sarcastic. Your comments are superior to your posts, as they have always been, in the whole history of this blog.
 To you abdul – against Zionism – thx1138, semper fi.....even if the american way has lost its way.


.. and warm hearted person, Rhiannon. I do remember reading the article where EOWN confessed her "thing" for Hitler.  I knew from that point on  something isn't right about her.  Even though I am nowhere near being a researcher But I can see clearly who are really f**ked by Hitler's actions.  No, I am not talking about the chosen ones but his real victims are the Germans & specially the Palestinians.  I have seen enough evidence/facts of his origin already  - such a shocker! LOL 

Please cheer up ... don't let the sourballs  dampen  your wonderful spirit! :)

In the long run you win, abdul. You are the winner, and you always were. Not being sarcastic.

How, by lying about 'vile emails' and threatening to publish them? I disagree with QRSwave: it was clearly a threat. Making a threat and then capping it off by claiming that it isn't a threat does not mitigate or negate its authenticity.

Did you send 'vile emails' or not? If you didn't as you claim, then AZ is lying. How does that make him a "winner"?

I'm sick of this Abdul Alhazred worship. He's a fine blogger and an intelligent guy, but he's arrogant, conceited, passive-aggressive and disingenous. I'm not trying to reignite the conflict - I agree with Chris Marlowe, and I think his comment was the finest and wisest post in that thread - but I'm not gonna sit by without protest as you concede defeat in the face of that kind of bullshit, Rhiannon. Reconcilation is possible without kissing AZ's arse.

     R H I A N N O N    I S    

         S W E E T       

  S M A R T I E   #1  

Not sure who removed the posts, because both are memory-holed.

However, I'm tired of EOWN's attitude that border on trolling in flame-bait. Asking whether Harry Truman was a Nazi for condemning presumedly "Power Jews" as selfish and ungrateful in a private diary is flat out ridiculous.

Truman was not a perfect man -- he was partly responsible for the support in the creation of Frankenstein monster called State of Israel -- but it's considered libel to accuse Truman of being a secret Nazi sympathizer. After all, the express purpose of the Allies' strategy was to defeat Axis Fascism to stop it from taking over the world, gross hypocrisy claiming "freedom, liberty and justice" and barbarity in deliberately ignoring basic human rights committed by the Allied forces (destruction of Dresden, German POW massacres, firebombing and nuking Japanese cities, pro-Western post-WWII dictatorships in Europe/ME/Iran, etc) notwithstanding.

What EOWN have done might tarnish WUFYS with sensationalistic headlines ("Truman = Nazi" as an example) that devolve to arguments using obscene and vulgar expressions in the comment sections.

It's like the repeat episode of WUFYS contributors' obsession with the posts featuring I Am the Witness/The French Connection web site author Daryl Bradford Smith in endless back-and-forth comments, always opinionated that often turn nastily vulgar, that detracts from the original purpose of WUFYS to research, formulate and discuss the topics in pursuit of the truth.

In order to return to this rightful purpose and stop the charade, EOWN's banishment from WUFYS (temporary or permanent) be considered for the emotions to simmer the debate and close the bullshit.

I support free speech but this does not mean that WUFYS is open to abuse by users who use highly offensive and putrid vulgar expressions to insult one another (body part references, etc).

I restrain from openly calling for the assassination of certain parties in the posts because I know that's calling for trouble. I try not to cross the line of free political expression in open call for extreme measures as an "extremist" American patriot (unlike, say, Hal Turner's "political assassination" manifesto, which is no longer found on his web site due to a hacking incident that deleted most of the web documents) that would undermine WUFYS by embarrassment or something.

Suspension of EOWN's account is up to Sullivan/Qrswave's discretion, depending on how the severity of misusing WUFYS by a particular user for "racist (promotion of white supremacism and nazism, declaring another race to be utterly inferior worthy of extreme prejudice and total extermination, etc), hateful and defamatory views" is perceived.

Admittedly, my controversial post (my convoluted style of sentence structure notwithstanding) "Eulogy before the Inevitability of Self-Destruction: The Decline and Death of Israel" might be considered "hateful" literature based on tone, word choice and structure as DKos, reddit, etc accuse me of promoting hate just by writing a sensationalistic post some consider "spiritually and physically sickening" to read.

But "hateful and defamatory" apply to the personal vulgar insults that do not make for a meaningful contribution in the forum whatsoever.

Suspension of EOWN's account is up to Sullivan/Qrswave's discretion, depending on how the severity of misusing WUFYS by a particular user for "racist (promotion of white supremacism and nazism, declaring another race to be utterly inferior worthy of extreme prejudice and total extermination, etc), hateful and defamatory views" is perceived.

Suspension of EOWN's account is not up to me. I may be an admin, but I act as an admin within the general guidelines and ethos of the site. Ultimately, the site is QRSWave's and what she says goes. I respect her wish for the site to remain as open as possible, although personally I find this whole escapade to be extremely damaging to the site, its community of users, its reputation and its usefulness to those who are starting to wake up.

at least not over this.

Thanks for reposting the comments - I couldn't care less about the post as it's probably available elsewhere on the web. But, it's fine that you included it. It became public property once EOWN published it, so she can't complain.

To be clear, every one at this site has contributed valuable posts and comments at one point or another -- including EOWN -- notwithstanding the BS. I ask only that you don't waste everyone's time and that you pick and choose your words (and your fights) judiciously. 

There is a war going on out here for hearts and minds, and our only ammunition is our brains and our time - don't squander it.


"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

The enemy is not within WUFYS, but without.

The Zionists are steadily eating us alive and instead of banding together and fighting that evil, we're fighting one another on WUFYS.

Isn't that the Zionist "Divide and Conquer" strategy?

Sure seems to be working well.

We should be thankful for having WUFYS and giving thanks to QRS Wave for having the wherewithal to finance this site and having the courage to stand behind this site, since I imagine QRS is on more than a few lists of "people to do" for her bravery in getting the truth out.

"We must all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."

Benjamin Franklin , At the Signing of The Declaration of Independence

Greg Bacon

If they can get us fighting among ourselves, they have accomplished their goal at minimal expense.

I know I'm no one to throw stones as I've been in a few ructions here myself, but we can conduct ourselves civilly and without resorting to gutter language.


In the long run you win, abdul. You are the winner, and you always were. Not being sarcastic.

How, by lying about 'vile emails' and threatening to publish them? I disagree with QRSwave: it was clearly a threat. Making a threat and then capping it off by claiming that it isn't a threat does not mitigate or negate its authenticity.

Did you send 'vile emails' or not? If you didn't as you claim, then AZ is lying. How does that make him a "winner"?


No!  I did not ever send him any vile emails.  Once and for all and for the record, no.  I have no idea what he is talking about.  Let him put my stuff up if this is the choice he wants to make.  I say go for it.

  I have nothing to hide.

NO....COZ....I take it are right.   alhazred is not a winner not in this post, certainly not.  The comments stand for themselves.    He undid himself. 

So many good comments in the history of this blog by alhazred and they will stand.  And if he ever comes on again....and I am sure he will......he will go on to make good comments again. That's what I meant by Semper Fi. When it comes to zionism and world affairs he does a good job.  That is about it.

  Sadly alhazred is above criticism when calling you a moron and an insect. Oh, stupid me for calling it for what it was:   tearing down a fellow blogger with such mean-spirited comments, shame shame on me.  Yeah...I am being sarcastic. 

 COZ, you are right again when you say:

I disagree with QRSwave: it was clearly a threat. Making a threat and then capping it off by claiming that it isn't a threat does not mitigate or negate its authenticity.

 Yes it was a threat.  That's how I perceived it, totally, despite QRS wanting to call it something else.  It cannot be anything else but a threat.

Thank you COZ, for setting me straight.  I do so very much appreciate it.  I made that comment in the wee hours and still very emotionally upset. 

I am in a better frame of mind today, I see things much more clearly, and you make very good sense.

 And Grim the card.  :-)

Musique, thank you. :-)

Christopher and Claymore...I agree with you both but it's hard to do, especially regarding the dialogue in the post.  Very hard. 


And now I will say this one very important thing!  On a bright note here:   HistoryWorm has always told us we must read John Beaty's Iron Curtain Over America.

Thanks to is the link:

LatinAmericanview | Sat, 2008-06-14 17:36


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