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“Israel” in all its "glory" [more like depravity] ... The Abyss is Waiting

What “israel” does best: COVET Girls...Girls...Girls

Don’t be afraid. Don’t cry. God will take care of us. God will humiliate them.

American TAX DOLLARS desperately needed for Her own to replenish a suffering Health care system [millions of working Americans cannot afford basic health care]. - instead, these TAX DOLLARS go to “israel”... Millions [annually] to fund its terrorist military.

Like the saying goes: A man who is sinking cannot be afraid of getting wet.


#ff0000">Where you can meet sexy women and get your ass kicked at the same time where else but.........  #0000ff">Israel

#0000ff">Israeli tourism ministry
#0000ff">please bring six forms of I.D & a copy of your dental chart.


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