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Spam:Costa Rica in your Itinerary

Figure 1. Costa Rica Family Vacation

Costa Rica is Spanish for rich coast. With that said a person can expect this place to be the ideal tropical paradise.A Costa Rica vacation shows you nature at its purest and finest. The simple and humble country has emerged as one of the top vacation destinations in the world because it does not rely on manufactured entertainment and goodness to keep tourists preoccupied. In other words, a Costa Rica in your itinerary.

Figure 2. Costa Rica Beaches

Most of Costa Rica's beaches allow for swimming, surfing, and snorkeling for a glimpse of their aquatic wildlife. Costa Rica will do wonders for everyones tropical desires as the land has become famous for its Caribbean travel as proven by its numerous exotic beaches. In addition, you're eyes will be feasting on hot ticas that are revealing themselves in bikinis and that pass for cultural sight-seeing. Some of the best Costa Rica beaches are Nicoya Peninsula, is the largest peninsula ringed by so many blissful strips of sand; it deserves a top ten list of its own; Manuel Antonio, Playa Dominical, is one of Costa Rica’s pride and one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world;is widely known as one of the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica; Mentezuma, is a gathering place for Costa Rica’s local and travelers; and a lot more.

Figure 3. Costa Rica Rain Forest

Aside from the exquisite beaches , Costa Rica also prides themselves for having variety of forests that host an assortment of animals that you can only find in Costa Rica. Tourists can pass over the thick forests to see firsthand different kinds of lizards, snakes, butterflies, and frogs at their best or they can ride a canopy for a breathtaking view of the jungle.

The sheer magnificence of Costa Rica natural resources also hints at ecotourism, meaning that all the natural faculties of Costa Rica are well-maintained by its people that future generations can also enjoy the same attractions in Costa Rica without discernible changes in the future.

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I'm Thisby Monroe. I think one great thing to say about me is that i have the ability to spam through adversity. I overcome and build myself back when those who are irritated by my spam try to bring me down. At this moment i enjoy spamming with my family and friends. Costa Rica travel shows me a lot as i am a person that loves beaches and bikinis and so being in costa Rica gave me a lot of fun and excitement and of course information/knowledge I use when I spam people about the beautiful place of Costa Rica.


no offense, but this is an economic/politcal site -

unless you can tell us something relevant about the economic/political condition/history of Costa Rica, this type of blog is sorely out of place here ...


"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.


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