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Walid Shoebat: from Palestinian Terrorist to Loverof Zion?


But seems to have been deleted.

Just checked the cache and it was you, Holyland.

I see Richard Silverstein has updated his article. It's a different piece.

In addition to the post linked above, I also wrote this post following a Jerusalem Post expose about him:

The amazing thing about this guy is that he was never a terrorist, never a PLO member, never a Muslim & his name isn't "Shoebat."  Other than that, he's the real deal!

BTW, my blog is Tikun Olam, not Tikkun Magazine.  We're 2 separate entities.

Actually this guy would be very funny, if he wasn't so pathetic
People’s Food Co-op
JULY 20, 2008
From the dialogue, I typed out some of the telling things this mean-spirited person says.  Straight from the Protocols, your typical ZIo-con bot.
 - - - Palestinans are non-existent
- - - They destroy jewish property, they shoot jewish babies
- - - What I know is that you support terrorism
- - - Do you like bashing jewish babies heads in?
- - - The Gaza beach fraud, I’m tired of this lie….
- - -  But they [Palestinians] love death, they love death, it is delightful for them to be killed…
- - - And you know what?   I would encourage more of it to happen
- - - There is no such thing as a Palestinian….


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