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The Hatred That Seeks Solace In Oblivion

The Hatred That Seeks Solace In Oblivion

By: Peter chamberlin

As the tensions between the two nuclear powers continues to rise because of acrimonious accusations being exchanged over the recent Mumbai attacks, saner heads need to step forward to cool the passionate rhetoric, before the unthinkable exits the minds of lunatic generals into the world of the real.  The leftover pain from multiple wars and the natural animosity generated from cultural differences and class warfare are easily exploited by hate-mongers on both sides, as well as by imperial powers that have designs on strategic resources.

Both Pakistan and India have nearly insurmountable obstacles to overcome, without being distracted into oblivion by this dispute over Mumbai.  Both governments have inside information about the ongoing attacks in both countries that they are not revealing, especially to each other, the public airing of which would probably defuse the confrontation.  But there are elements within both governments that do not want peace, most have their own agendas; other treasonous factions have sold their souls to foreign powers.  When popular leaders embrace a foreign agenda, maintaining a closed focus on national problems, without consideration of the foreign agenda, will not lead to solutions.

India, like Pakistan before them, has fallen under the manipulative power of the Western powers and Israel.  You can identify which parts of national policies are dominated by American agents by their mirroring of US foreign policy goals in the region, i.e., the blocking of Chinese and Russian moves and the opening of pipeline routes.  Indian steps toward war against Islam and the elimination of Pakistani nukes reflect the Israeli/neocon penetration of the region, just like that revealed in the recent Georgian/Israeli aggression.

Partnering with either the US or Israel will only aggravate, not alleviate Pakistani and Indian internal problems.  Pakistan is suffering an explosive insurgency because of its past cooperation with the CIA and embrace of America’s wars.  India is creating the same problem for itself because of its succumbing to agency manipulation of its explosive internal contradictions between rich and poor, between religions and cultures, between growth and economic stagnation.  The name of the game is to leverage each nation’s normal concerns into something bigger and more ominous.  Through violent prodding, each nation is pried and pushed into the other’s path, guaranteeing a catastrophic collision that neither nation wants.  (read more)


Let's hope Pakistan has more sense than to "buddy up" with Israel. Just look what it did for the US, a now empty shell of a once great nation.

Note the discussion between Indians and Pakistanis in the linked article. We have readers from both nations, who have generally remained silent.

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