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The International Terror Network




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By: Peter Chamberlin

The world needs to understand the forces of international terror that are laying siege at freedom’s door. They are an insidious force, accustomed to the ways and thoughts of modern man, always in possession of insight that no man or organization of men ought to have. With the clarity of foresight that can only be gained by armies of scientists and statisticians working non-stop for generations, the terror masters stage the events that will cause other events, ad infinitum, until mankind is herded into the cages of his own mind, terrorized from the trauma of witnessing the wholesale culling of the herd.


The point, struggling to be made, is that certain individuals have dedicated their personal fortunes and their very lives to the task of changing the human race and thinning its numbers. For the human race to become a true slave race the desire to rebel must be bred out of the herd, resisters must be eliminated and the size of the herds must be reduced to manageable levels.


The “terror” that besieges society is our description of the acts of violence that herd mankind in this one direction, producing anticipated reactions to sufficiently shocking events. By studying history and human nature itself, particularly human reactions to war, a university and foundation behavioralists, sociologists and statisticians have produced a scientific analysis which predicts human behavior when submersed in an environment of violent tension. This “strategy of tension” is the blueprint for using terrorism to manipulate society into accepting the unacceptable. 


Who are the true “terrorists,” the ones who develop the plan to terrorize the world into submission, or the hitmen who carry-out the grand design? Morally, they are the same. In reality, you can know the goals of the planners through a study of the patterns of their hitmen. I have ceased to find either humor or irony in the fact that the “Islamic militants” we fight in our war of terror have the same strategic and tactical goals of the Western alliance. I have gone way beyond shock in the realization that American soldiers are busily killing and dying against insurgents and terrorists who are carrying-out contract killings upon civilians and soldiers on orders that issue from New York, Washington and Tel Aviv.  (more here)


As usual, Mr. Chamberlin has given us the sunglasses to see our situation through. I wish him perpetual clarity of vision. 

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