Retraction: NonServiam is not a nick of Anders Behring Breivik

This email was received today.

Hi. I am unfortunate to share name with the horrible Oslo killer. I am also member of agun club in Norway, but in no way related to the killer. In this post an old nick of mine on a gun forum is attributed to the killer. That is not him, its me. There is nothing racist or violent in any of my writings. The shooting buddy is a real life friend of mine. His nick reflects his historic interests, but he is surely not a right winger either. 

Please remove this blog post and post a denial. 

Best regards, 

Anders Breivik

Our sincere apologies to Anders Breivik, who is guilty of nothing more than sharing the same first and last names as the Andres Brehring Breivik, the Oslo mass-murderer.  It was not in any way our intention to impune your character or reputation. The post in question has been edited to point to this post.

Note to all posters here. Please check your sources before posting material. Remember YOU are responsible for any material you post, including statements which, through your own error, turn out to be potentially libelous.  Repeated failure to heed this warning will result in a permanent ban.

Tom Sullivan