Question About Disinformation and the “Semitic” Enemy

You need to answer my question today because if you tell us the answer then maybe we won’t all be fooled.

QUESTION: If the Powers That Be are actually the gang of nature-worshipping, goddesses-supporting gnostics they are sometimes accused of being, then why do they work so hard at subverting nature, trashing the environment, distorting Truth, and ruining the plantet earth?


What do you think?

Could it be that "nature worship" and "goddesses" are being smeared just to keep you away from reality and to keep you supporting bogus "faith-based" semitic "religions?"

Was the world really created by a "big semite in the sky?"

Who wants you to believe that?

Of what value is a mind-numbing mono-theistic cult, be it Judaism, Christianity, or Islam?

Have you ever heard of August Spies (pronounced "spees"), who was hanged for his alleged part in the Chicago Haymarket Square "anarchist" bombing way back when… said event being a typical false flag operation, only back then the "public enemy" promoted by the Money Power kikes (or whomever) was "Anarchists," since this was before "Communists" and "Terrorists" were popularized as enemys to hate and fear.

Mr.August Spies wrote down a brief autobiographical account before he was hanged. Those who care to google it and read it may learn something "interesting" about so-called Truth Movements. Those who are too lazy or don’t care to investigate such things don’t matter so be my guest and continue carping about the usual issues and suspects LOL.