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Register .ORG Domain Names

.ORG domain name is one of the most widely spread and utilized gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) in the Web which was created in the 1985th. At first the domain name was intended to be used from non profit organizations but it gradually became a universal TLD and the registration was allowed for everyone interested worldwide.


Register Canada Domains

.CA is one of the most popular domain extensions in the Web and therefore is one of the most preferred ones for more and more people. If you are puzzled in your choice of a web hosting company we would like to make your choice easier by recommending the web hosting services of NTCHosting.com.


Register .NET Domains

.NET is one of the first original top-level domains, officially released in the Web in 1985th. The .NET extension is under the management of VeriSign and can be registered through a number of ICANN-accredited registrars. The domain name is quickly becoming popular and it can be said that today it is the second most widely used domain extensions in the Internet.


.NET Domain Names Registrar

In case you have chosen to register one of the most popular domain names in the Web space like the .NET, you should know that the domain name can be looked up directly from an accredited .NET domain name registrar. The company that is the leader in this sector is called ResellersPanel.com


.NAME Domain Registration

.NAME domain extension is original, easy to remember and a wonderful way to get the desired online presence. Since .Name is one of the most popular gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) in the Web, finding a an available combination can be a challenging task indeed. We would recommend you to use the web hosting services of NTCHosting.com.


Sweden Domain Registration

The .SE is one of the most popular and commonly used domain names in Sweden where in 2006st more than 65 million Swedish krons were registered for domain sales. We would like to recommend the leader in this reseller business - Resellers Panel.