‘Devil’ in milk linked to heart disease, diabetes, autism

A mass of scientific evidence linking milk to heart disease, type-1 diabetes, autism, schizophrenia and other illnesses has been assembled by a Lincoln University professor in a move that will send shockwaves through the dairy industry.
What the ‘milk devil’ could do

Professor Keith Woodford also claims that the dairy industry hid bungled science and that the Food Safety Authority did not publish negative comments in a report it commissioned on milk safety.

He believes “serious misjudgments” have been made and said yesterday: “I wouldn’t use the word scandal, but I can understand how others might see it that way.”


Health fears about milk stem from the link between a tiny protein fragment in milk – what Professor Woodford calls a “milk devil” – and many illnesses.

The devil is present in A1 milk, but not in A2, produced by about half of New Zealand’s cows.

The dairy industry mixes both types together so that all milk, apart from a small amount produced by the A2 Corporation and sold mainly in Auckland, contains the milk devil.

Professor Woodford says the industry could simply remove any risk by breeding only A2 cows.

It would take about 10 years before the national herd was completely A2.

However, this would prove embarrassing for Fonterra because it had argued forcibly on the world stage that the anti-A1 science was wrong.

He says he has tried hard to persuade Fonterra to look again at the issue. “But they were blinded to the possibility that their organisation’s stance was flawed.”


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