Sherlock Jones and Dr. Watson Discussing Israel & 9/11

TIU has a thread on Shylock Jones’ odd reversal.  Junk Shot attempt by Synagogue of Satan (video)?

Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson are now discussing Israel and 9/11

Might we be in for a Fall of Alex Jones in the near term?  Is this a desperate “Junk Shot” attempt to plug the Truth Leak in the Gulf of Gullibility?  Is this a sign that the scary slow ride to the top of the roller coaster is almost over?

A big, fat-assed promotion for Coast-to-Coast on Clear Channel using a clip of Jones.  Think the real purpose was to get AJ’s fat mug widest possible coverage.  Follow up with widecast of his “conversion” and then some take down to discredit the Truth. 

Nice review of Jones’ antics and techniques for muddying the waters.  Do visit TIU, and if you like the Synagogue of Satan try Hitchcock’s interviews on Daryl B. Smith’s The French Connection.