Silvio Berlusconi pitches Italian politics into fresh confusion

Italian politics has been thrown into a state of renewed uncertainty after Silvio Berlusconi – enraged by his conviction for tax dodging – warned that he was considering bringing down Mario Monti’s government and pitching the country into a snap election.

Earlier, he had announced that he would remain in politics “to reform the world of justice”.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, a visibly irate Berlusconi lashed out at a “judge-ocracy”, which he said was running Italy. In a 55-minute monologue, he also turned his rage on Angela Merkel (who, together with the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, he portrayed as the architect of his removal from office last year) and Monti, whom he depicted as her poodle.

Source and full story: The Guardian (UK), 28 Oct 2012

Tom Sullivan