Crimes of Zion

Guns of August in the blooming stage now?

First, Peace Mission 2007 exercise have been set in stone in practice on August 9 and ends the war game on August 17. Former Reagan administration member Paul Craig Roberts explain in the article what this event will mean for the world in the near future.

Second, Hal Turner Show (note: a racist, white supremacist web site, caution advised) reports (however unsubstantiated) in the post titled “*** URGENT ***
” followed with the subtitle “NOT-SO-SUBTLE MESSAGE TO CHINA?” that U.S. have deployed the $1 billion-dollar Stealth bombers to another location to prepare to intimidate China for its threat of selling U.S. Dollar reserve en masse and perhaps fly over Chinese airspace to target and destroy the tribal areas of Pakistan.

If the invasion commence, Pakistan president (U.S.-friendly dictator) Pervez Musharraf will formally declare “state of emergency”. It is highly possible there will be a rapid surge of anti-American sentiment of outrage and that may well lead to the revolution that would eventually overthrow the Musharraf government after overcoming the ‘loyalist’ military force. Perhaps in partial retaliation after the Red Mosque incident.

And China will be so aghast at the fragrant violation of their airspace (if no pre-entry consent is obtained) and threats from Washington over China’s currency exchange policy that they will hit the trigger to begin liquidating the portion of the trillion US Dollar reserve that may lead to a severe recession affecting America’s normal way of business and life — energy, housing, food, transportation, shopping and living standard, etc. In other words, America will grind to a halt — economically and sociologically.

America have its egocentric interest in upholding petrodollar hegemony at all costs. And because of Bush/Cheney administration’s irresponsible fiscal policy that substantially increase national debt with out-of-control trade deficit mostly trading with China and rapid credit expansion under the Federal Reserve, there is bound to be the epic proportion of an economic blowback that will throw America into the chaos that makes the Great Depression seem minimal.

It’s called the domino effect, courtesy of the United States’ regressive effect in hegemonic foreign policy decisions leading to unforeseeable consequences. Igniting the fuse to blow up the Middle East and Central Asia in flames, to put it in a simple term.

There is a report Dick Cheney wants provocation as a rationale in policy self-justification to begin U.S.’s adventure anew, this time targeting Iran for Israel. Nevermind the pressing Iraq problem.

If the development continue to escalate from this day on, it does not bode well for America and Israel at all. The thought of Russia and China challenging America, Great Britain and Israel to a fight is unthinkable.

The West’s “War on Terror” campaign is truly all about a petrodollar war [1 2] with Israel’s geopolitical security and advantage, oil and war profiteering as side benefits. (Info-packed 10-min YouTube video on petrodollar warfare)

Of course, the ruling Elite in the West love it and want to bring out the Neoconservative/Neoliberal Zionist & Corporatist Fascist vision to the world regardless of massive casualty toll caused by the war & horrific chaos arising from economic implosions and even more disastrous foreign policy blunders. They are programmed to believe their policy decisions set in stone is equal to a pile of shit as bullions of gold. And they will get away with loot of commodities & valuables and mass-scale homicide by clever deceit, stating nonchalantly “it’s not us, it’s them. And we need the expendable people to fight and die in the civil and global wars so we can make even more money. Life is good for all of us while the rest of the people not of our status quo are slaves.”

Nepos Libertas