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German Jews condemn 'explosion of hate'

Always the victims and never the aggressors.

Over a dozen CIA-recruited spies work in German ministries

US secret services have recruited more than a dozen officials in various German government ministries to work as spies, with some of them working for the CIA for many years, a German tabloid reported on Sunday.

US critical of German handling of spy row

The United States on Friday hinted at displeasure with Germany over its handling of a spying row, which saw the CIA chief in Berlin thrown out of the country.

U.S. Scrutiny for Banks Shifts to Commerzbank and Germany

A trail of illicit money led the American government on a hunt through the European financial system, generating criminal cases against banks in Britain, Switzerland and most recently, France.

German police drag refugees from TV tower in Berlin

Police used force to clear protesting refugees from Berlin's television tower late on Wednesday as far-right activists held a counter-demonstration at the popular tourist site.

'Enough!' Germans say to latest US spy scandal

Germany's relations with the United States reeled further on Monday over new spying allegations, with commentators demanding a tough response to the reported US purchase of classified documents from a German double-agent.

Top German MP suspected of buying crystal meth

German news wire DPA and Bild both cited sources on Thursday which said Hartmann, the party’s interior policy expert, was suspected of buying crystal meth.

German agent 'spying for US'

Media reports on Friday said that an employee of Germany's foreign intelligence service is suspected of spying for Washington on a parliamentary panel probing US surveillance.

Berlin's refugee protest: 'This is a police siege'

Police have sealed off an area of Berlin for almost a week after part of the Kreuzberg district became the centre of the city's latest conflict between refugees and authorities.

Ukraine urged to extend ceasefire

Leaders of Russia, Germany and France urged Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to extend the ceasefire that will expire Monday in a teleconference held Sunday, the Kremlin press service said.

74% of Germans oppose permanent NATO bases in Poland and Baltics

Nearly three-quarters of Germans oppose having permanent NATO military bases in Poland and the Baltic states as a buffer against Russia, a new poll reveals. The opinion reflects a growing trend within Europe opposing further NATO eastern expansion.

Fake engineer made Berlin Airport fire system

The man responsible for designing the fire safety system at Berlin’s new airport - the main reason for the continuing delays to the calamitous €5 billion project - has admitted he was not a qualified engineer.


Germany mulls lifting 'Mein Kampf' ban

Reprinting or selling Adolf Hitler's “Mein Kampf” is illegal in Germany, but with the copyright term on the 90-year-old book set to run out next year, lawmakers are mulling whether to ban or reprint the highly controversial work.

Germany next to Nigeria in fraud

German businesses have reported one of the highest levels of corruption in the world, with one in four managers saying they had experienced a significant case of fraud in the last two years.

Dozens injured in Berlin riots

A total of 27 police officers were injured and at least one passer-by was spray painted and assaulted by rioters.

Merkel tells Putin she's concerned about plane shoot-down

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her concern to Russian President Vladimir Putin over pro-Russian separatists shooting down a Ukrainian army transport plane on Saturday.

NATO says not to blame for planes vanishing from radar

NATO said on Sunday it was not to blame for recent incidents in which dozens of aircraft briefly vanished from air traffic control radar screens in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Ukrainian authorities 'act with impunity' because Western counterparts shield them-Lavrov

The Ukrainian authorities "act with impunity" on various issues because they are "shielded by our Western partners, or by some of them, at least," and their "irreconcilable" position in talks on natural gas trade with Russia is one way this "impunity" manifests itself in, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday.

Biden: Germany is 'xenophobic'

US Vice President Joe Biden suggested Germany was hostile towards immigrants in a speech on Tuesday, in which he described the US as the only "non-xenophobic" major economy in the world.

Greeks demand cash for Nazi crimes

Around a hundred people protested outside the German embassy in Athens on Saturday to demand reparations for Nazi crimes committed in Greece during World War II.

Merkel criticizes support for UK exit from EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected as unacceptable, arguments that the UK should leave the European Union if London refuses to sit back in a dispute over the European Commission’s (EC) next president.

German villagers build own broadband network

Hacked off with slow download speeds the locals of Löwenstedt clubbed together the cash to build their own super-fast internet service to the delight of the village's tiny population.

Merkel: 'UK belongs in EU'

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday she hopes Britain will stay in the EU, amid wrangling over a top EU job that reportedly prompted an exit warning by the British prime minister.

Siemens may slash 12,000 jobs says boss

German industrial giant Siemens has said it is weighing cuts of nearly 12,000 jobs around the world as part of a major restructuring.

Berlin bans Hells Angels symbol

Berlin authorities have banned Hells Angels gang members from displaying the club's winged death head symbol in public.

Unemployment rising in Germany and France, figures show

Number of unemployed people in Germany rose by 24,000, while France's jobless total reached record high of 3.364m.

No one is interested in isolating Russia – German FM

No one is interested in having a prolonged vacuum in relations with Russia, least of all isolating it, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

German drug giant pays $650m to settle lawsuits

German pharmaceuticals maker Boehringer Ingelheim said on Wednesday that it has agreed to pay $650 million to settle around 4,000 lawsuits relating to its blood-thinning drug Pradaxa.

Germany's popularity with immigrants on the rise

A migration boom to Germany has made it the second most popular destination for immigrants among the OECD group of economically developed countries.

Protesters in Berlin call for arrests of Nazis in Ukraine

An campaign rally in Berlin was disrupted by protesters angry at their country's stance in the Ukrainian conflict. The demonstrators booed Chancellor Angel Merkel and waved banners demanding the arrest Nazis in Ukraine and called for stronger ties with Russia. 

German Fury: Protesters in Berlin call for arrests of Nazis in Ukraine


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