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'Spy for us or we won’t let you become French'

A young Russian-born student named Anna, desperate to gain French citizenship has become the centre of a scandal in France, after alleging police tried to blackmail her into spying on members of France’s anti-gay marriage movement or face the prospect of being deported.

Saudi Arabia dangles lucrative arms deal in front of Russia in exchange for dropping Assad

Saudi Arabia has reportedly offered to buy arms worth up to $15 billion from Russia, and provided a raft of economic and political concessions to the Kremlin - all in a bid to weaken Moscow’s endorsement of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Feiglin Urges Giving Arabs a $500,000 One-Way Ticket

Likud Knesset Member candidate Moshe Feiglin, indicted for trying to prostate himself in prayer on the Temple Mount, wants to pay each Palestinian Authority Arab $500,000 to leave Israel.

NDAA Authorizes War Against Iran - Thanks, AIPAC

The Lobby is pushing America into another war for Israel.

Zionist prime minister of Sweden (Moderaterna) Fredrik Reinfeldt and wife Filippa caught stealing/embezzling millions

We've all seen how the Zionist Conservatives (Moderaterna) have sold out virtually everything they could of municipal and county municipal operations. But the question is whether Filippa Reinfeldt has gone too far in her quest to practically give away the kitchen sink (by selling government busineses)!!

Big media monopolies launch new bid to control Internet

Big publishers in music, video, and text are bribing Congress to pass a new wave of “anti-piracy” legislation that – if they succeed -- will have a chilling effect on the Internet.

The Death of American Democracy

The collapses of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, on September 11, 2001, were the most frightening images that I have ever seen, up until May 24th, 2011, when Binyamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of the United States Congress and received 29 standing ovations, along with many other outbursts of sycophantic applause.

The Death of American Democracy

Federal Reserve Bank (Inc.) A Murderous History? Banksters, the Worlds Worst Gangsters

The accomplishments of the Rothschild's and fellow banksters is nothing short of astonishing.  They have literally got the world to hand them the right to manufacture money out of nothing and then to turn around and lend the mammon back to the world plus usurious interest!  Almost single handedly, this small group of men have dominated the world.  However, in their efforts to dominate the world they have caused extraordinary pain and agony and even potentially the complete destruction of life on earth.

Webpage discovered by Rockclimber!

Peter Schiff Report: National Inflation Association co-founder admits NIA is a FRAUD!

National Inflation Association co-founder George Hemminger (aka George4Title) exposes his former organization for the pump & dump scams it commits at the direction of its scandal-plagued leader, Jonathan Lebed. GO TO SCHIFFRADIO.COM to listen to the complete interview

National Inflation Association co-founder admits NIA is a FRAUD!

Strauss-Kahn simply had to be eliminated: The Amerikan Police State Strides Forward

Strauss-Kahn was the first IMF director in my lifetime, if memory serves, who disavowed the traditional IMF policy of imposing on the poor and ordinary people the cost of bailing out Wall Street and the Western banks. Strauss-Kahn said that regulation had to be reimposed on the greed-driven, fraud-prone financial sector, which, unregulated, destroyed the lives of ordinary people.  Strauss-Kahn listened to Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz, one of a handful of economists who has a social conscience.


The growing ranks of the poor and unemployed in the US are receiving offers to sell there blood for home heat and their personal security guns for food.

What an ingenious way to control and manipulate the new class of desperate Americans in the 21st century.

Israel proposes Turkey compensation only to escape lawsuits

Israel has proposed paying compensation to relatives of Turkish activists it killed in exchange for Ankara to give up lawsuits against the Israeli navy.

41 Facts about the History of Central Banks in the U.S. (with rare vintage documentary video)

U.S. Ends Effort to Get Israeli Settlement Moratorium

And further embarrasses itself by showing the world who wears the pants in the "special relationship".

Germany releases 'Mossad agent'

A German court has released Uri Brodsky, an Israeli citizen suspected of being involved in the assassination of a senior Hamas leader in Dubai, on bail.

Israel had repeatedly called on Poland to send Brodsky straight home, saying the suspect should stand before an Israeli court.

Analysts say if Brodsky was not an Israeli citizen and was a Muslim instead, the western media would have launched an all-out propaganda against him.

Netanyahu: "Criticize us today, you'll be targeted tomorrow"

From the New York Times

Netanyahu called the criticism "hypocrisy" and described Gaza, where 1.5 million people live in a narrow slice of dunes and refugee camps between southern Israel and the sea, as "a terror state funded by the Iranians."

Greece being forced to buy arms in exchange for bailout money

A leading European parliamentarian has accused France and Germany of forcing Greece to buy billions of euros in arms in exchange for their bailout money.

Press TV, 8 May 2010

France and Germany, while publicly urging Greece to make harsh public spending cuts, bullied its government to confirm billions of euros in arms deals, Franco-German lawmaker Daniel Cohn-Bendit alleged on Friday.

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