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'Your baby looks like Saddam Hussein'

An administrator at the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) is facing disciplinary action after telling a family of Iraqi asylum seekers that their newborn baby looked like Saddam Hussein.

CONTELPRO is alive and well

How FBI parasites justify their cushy, high-paying jobs.

Britain denies entry to Rabbi who advocates killing of Gentiles

The U.K. Border Agency is prohibiting fundamentalist Rabbi Yosef Elitzur, co-author of the controversial book "The King's Torah" ("Torat Hamelech" ), from entering Britain.

Denmark version of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna): Folkeparti ORG - Freemasonic lodge behind the extreme right

Years of patient research work have succeeded in mapping the structure, mission statement and scope of a previously unknown right extreme underground movement that brings together people from the Danish business community, military and police of football hooligans to militant neo-Nazis.

The lodge is involved in groups like the Danish Association, White Pride, Aarhus Against Mosque, Vederfølner, Denmark's National Front and the Free Press Society.

Facing Up To Jewish Nationalism and Racist Violence

With Feeling the Hate, we edited an hour of footage into a four-minute video that focused on the hatred many Jewish nationalists in Israel and the United States felt towards President Barack Obama. Our unreleased footage contains statements by the same kids about Palestinians. The political science major who said “I know my shit” but didn’t know who the Israeli prime minister was told us that the Palestinians should all be transferred to a small corner in the West Bank and kept there in a virtual cage. The boisterous young man with the mesh hat who remarked, “We don’t want any Nazi shit, Obama!” defended Israeli Foreign Minister Avidgor Lieberman’s proposal to strip citizenship from “disloyal” Palestinian citizens. These drunk kids in bars had a coherent, if very simplistic, ideological basis for their racism. It is called Jewish nationalism.

Iraq beckons with opportunities (for foreigners, not Iraqis)

The Iraq government and business establishments here are saying ‘No’ to Bangladeshis and are keen to get workers from India to man their establishments.  What about Iraqis, I ask Mohsin, who owns a small shop filled with exquisite crockery . “Oh no, they don’t have much education and years of free food from the government has made them lazy. But Indians, we know, are very hardworking.”  In other news, many Iraqis are living below poverty level, with entire families subsisting on as little as $4 a day.

English Defence League partners with US based Jewish Task Force

The head of the EDL’s Jewish division Roberta Moore has announced a partnership with far-right American group the Jewish Task Force on the EDL Facebook page.

Geert Wilders' Tel Aviv Speech

Israel is often being treated unfairly. The world looks at the plight of the Palestinians in refugee camps in Lebanon, Gaza, and other places, and many blame Israel. The UN claims that there are over 4.7 million Palestinian refugees, and many blame Israel. These voices say the Palestinians should be allowed to return to “Palestine.” But where is Palestine? Many say Israel must solve the problems of Palestine. But is Israel guilty of the plight of the Palestinian refugees?

My answer is “No.” The Arab leaders are to be blamed — and Islam is to be blamed. Let me first tell you why, and then I will tell you where Palestine can be found.

Geert Wilders - “Israel is fighting our war”

In two weeks Wilders is coming for a visit to Israel as a guest of a parliament member Ariel Eldad. He is invited to participate in a conference against the two-state solution.

“Israel is the lighthouse and the only democracy in this backward and dictatorial part of the world,” he proclaims. “Israel is very close to us, to our European identity. Israel fights our war.”

By the way, Islam is not a religion, in Wilders’ opinion. “It is a totalitarian ideology. There is no place in it for anything but Islam itself. It wants to control not only one’s private life, but the society’s life as well. If you are an atheist, a Christian, or a Jew living in a society where Islam is dominant, your life is very difficult. That’s why comparisons must be made between Islam and other totalitarian ideologies like communism and fascism.

The Ongoing India-Jewish Love Affair

First it was the Jewish-Hindu Summit in the 60's.  Soon after, Israelis discovered Goa, where they engage in extasy fueled raves over the Goan Christmas season.  Then came the predominantly Jewish enclave of Himchal Pradesh, India's "Tel Aviv of the Hills", where the ethnic population is slowly being elbowed out by Israelis, and where Israel has invested heavily in hydro projects.  Not to mention Israel's arms sales to India, the Mossad-connected Mumbai attacks, and other suspicious ties all directed at subduing Pakistan. And now, this...

US to deploy troops on Mexico border

The US will start sending some 1,200 troops to its border with Mexico in August to help in monitoring and arresting illegal immigrants, officials say.

Press TV, 20 July 2010

The deployment is part of President Barack Obama's border plan to reduce drug smuggling and human trafficking on the US-Mexican border.

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