US lets ecstasy dealer serve time in israel

Ze’ev Rosenstein (a.k.a., “The Fat Man”) was caught trafficking over a million ectasy pills through NY, yet he gets to serve his sentence in club med israel – unbelievable!

Zeev Rosenstein, who was until recently Israel Police’s “number one target”, will serve his time in Israel for drug-related offenses in the United States. Ynet reports that Rosenstein signed a deal with US authorities Thursday night, according to which he will be returned to Israel and serve a 12 year sentence here.

His wife, Yvonne, said she was “not unhappy” about the deal.

Why should she be??? By all accounts, serving time in israeli prison (as a Jew) is like vacationing in Club Med. “The Fat Man” is sure to get the royal treatment from his brethren in crime.

Rosenstein is notorious for executing his rivals and for being a target of numerous unsuccessful execution attempts that wound up killing innocent bystanders.

To be more specific . . .

There have been at least seven attempts by others to kill Rosenstein, including a December 2003 bomb attack in Tel Aviv that killed three people and injured 18 others but left him unscathed.

No doubt, it was blamed on a “suicide bomber” and used as a pretext to grab more land and kill more Arabs.

Only in israel – land of the insane.