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You are welcome to become a member of this site if you want to comment on posts or post new material to the site. If you just want to read what is posted here, you do not need an account. To protect against spammers, all new accounts are limited to posting (moderated) comments on existing posts. When number of non-spam comments have been approved, the account will be automatically upgraded, allowing unmoderated posting of comments and new content.

Please provide a VALID email address when you register. This bears repeating, as it obviously has not sunk in with a small number people who have recently applied for accounts.... you need to provide a real (non-disposable) email address. If your email account is set up to use a challenge/response whitelisting spam prevention system, please ensure you whitelist admin@<this site> before signing up, so that we do not have to play the usual whitelisting games. If we receive an email asking us verify or authenticate our address before our registration email can be delivered to you it will be ignored, with the result that your account will never be fully activated and will eventually be automatically deleted.

Accounts with invalid email addresses will be deleted without being activated. Persistent attempts to register accounts with invalid email addresses will result in your IP address being blacklisted.

Any e-mail address provided will be checked against spam databases and any account associated with an email address (or IP address) used by a known spammer will be deleted immediately.

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