Venezuela’s Chavez: Obama Should Govern His Own Country and not “Invade” Others

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has commented on the re-election of US president Barack Obama, while urging his own state governor candidates to maintain their commitment “with the people” and not the “local bourgeoisie.”

In a meeting with ministers yesterday, Chavez offered his thoughts on the current US president’s re-election, saying, “Hopefully President Obama reflects and dedicates himself to governing his country, and forgets about invading other peoples, destabilising other countries, etc.”

The Venezuelan president further stated his opinion that Obama should “reflect, first, for his country, which lamentably has many social and economic problems. It’s a divided country, a country with a social and economic fracture where poverty and misery are growing every day.”

With Chavez’s own re-election on 7 October, both presidents have been through long electoral campaigns this year. The latest figures on the US election put turnout lower than in 2008, possibly at around 50%. In Venezuela’s presidential election turnout was 81%, a historic high.

Speaking to ministers, Chavez also described the US as being dominated by “a super elite, [who] are exploiting the country and society: poisoning it, cheating it, manipulating it through a media war.”

Venezuelan – US relations have been frozen at the chargé d’Affaires level since 2010, when the former US ambassador to Venezuela, Patrick Duddy, ended his term of service, and the Chavez government refused at accept Obama’s replacement, Larry Palmer.

Source and full piece: Venezuela Analysis, 9th Nov 2012

Tom Sullivan