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More People Die from PEANUT ALLERGIES than from HAMAS ROCKETS!

Israeli death count from 2000-2008: 18 from Hamas rockets versus 258 deaths from peanuts.

The TV ads running in the USA and around the world showing attacks on israel use computer generated images ( CGI ), not actual Hamas rockets. Recorded is a phone call made to the organization that pimps for israel with deceptive advertisements. Although they have no problem taking anyone's money, they have no answers to this potential "donor's" questions. The call from the Australian DJ is funny, yet informative.  


I know this guy is trying to make a point, but what he ends up doing is harassing some poor schmuck who is paid to answer the phone.  

Jobs like these are available thru temp agencies and the people answering have nothing to do with the organization.  They are given a script to read and a little information. 

It would be better, imo, if he got hold of the people in charge of this "charity" instead of some lowly 8 buck an hour phone rep and wailed on THEM.

I've told him as much on his youtube channel and all he does is give me a lame argument about how the phone rep should be more responsible. 

I tell him that these people are desperate for a job, that is why they do this - they are not involved with the org, and it falls on deaf ears. 

He needs to get some cajones and call the real folks behind this and make fun of THEM. 

Steve Johnson is a great bloke and a mate of mine (we made this video together), but I do find myself feeling sorry for some of the poor bastards on the receiving end of his phone calls. I agree with you that it's more appropriate to target the people at the top.

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