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JDL Ordering US Jews - Buy Weapons or Flee to Israel

"If American Jews have the resources, get to Israel right now"


Kahane's been telling Jews to emigrate "before it's too late" for years.  He was lecturing on that very subject when he got shot in 1990.

JDL - Isn't this the same organization that targeted and extorted rappers like Tupac Shakur?  And may have killed him? Whose most well known follower was Baruch Goldstein, the nutter behind the Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre?  Who should be afraid of whom?

Kahane proposed that Israel expand its boundaries "according to the description given in the Bible." He said, "the southern boundary goes up to El Arish, which takes in all of northern Sinai, including Yamit. To the east, the frontier runs along the western part of the East Bank of the Jordan River, hence part of what is now Jordan. Eretz Yisrael also includes part of Lebanon and certain parts of Syria, and part of Iraq, all the way to the Tigris River.[36] When critics suggested this would mean perpetual war between Jews and Arabs, Kahane answered, "There will be a perpetual war. With or without Kahane."

Please leave and take AIPAC and the Neocons with you.

Jews have been waiting for the golden age, jews to rule over the gentile.
A jew was told in his scriptures that a messiah will come to bring that golden age back. Sadly the jew missed the bus because that messiah was none other than Jesus son of Mary whom they called a bastard.

The khazar becomes a jew/a fake one and created zionist movement with a goal not only to make a home for the jews but to have a jew rule over all.

WW1 get the gentile out of palestine
WW2 restore a state of israHell
WW3 greater shithole
greater shithole means the golden age has come, so now they will rule.
So what they are doing now is that they are getting jews ready to move to their final destination (final punishment) greatshit hole is grave for all jews.

A khazar is taking a jew for a ride and jew doesnt know it.

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