“War on Terror” is a Cover for Zionist Looting of The World

From the thousands arrests around the world of “terrorists” the Islamophobic headlines and “expert” analysis on news outlets such Fox, BBC, Sky News, and other Murdoch and Zionist owned Media outlets, the actual number of convictions are miniscule.

Even those that are convicted, there are great doubts about the trial procedures and evidence presented. The hundreds of millions of dollars of tax payers monies that are being used to keep this fraudulent war on terror alive benefits only the goals and objectives of Israel and it’s expansionist war monger policies. European and American masses are being turned into slaves and cannon fodder for the Zionists. 

The Power of Nightmares

In this BBC three part series,

Produced by Adam Curtis, the film exposes the threat of terrorism as a deliberate conspiracy by America and Britain to bring in harsh controls and restraints on their own societies, in addition to promoting Islam as and Muslims enemies of the west.

The most fraudulent case of terror was the framing of Libya for the Lockerbie incident.

Scotsman.com News – Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

Below are links to stories that were published but without fanfare or great media hype of cases which were thrown out of court or never made it to trial.

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CBS News | GAO: U.S. Inflated Terror Successes |
February 21, 2003

Two Detroit Terrorism Convictions Tossed

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