Yaalon Warns Syria: Israel Will Act to Defend its Citizens

After condemnation by the United Nations and Israeli warnings to Syria not to enter the demilitarized buffer zone have done nothing to halt the numerous incidences of Syrian spill over into the Golan Heights, Israel’s deputy prime minister Moshe Yaalon warned Damascus on Friday that it would act to defend its sovereignty if the bloody fighting in Syria continued to spill over into the Golan Heights.

“We see the Syrian regime as responsible for what is happening along the border,” said Yaalon.

“The current situation in Syria could carry on for an extended and bloody period. If we see that it spills over in our direction, we know how to defend the citizens and the sovereignty of the State of Israel,” he continued. “The other side has received a lot of messages recently and until now, has acted accordingly in Syria. I hope that in this incident too, there will be someone who takes this in hand.”

Source and full story: Israel National News, 9 Nov 2012

Tom Sullivan